Easter camp set for Bristol !


On behalf of the AFCTA, IFAF is announcing the AFCTA Easter camp in Bristol (United Kindgom), during the school Easter Break. The camp is sanctioned by BAFA and run under the auspices of IFAF, by AFCTA (American Football Coaching and Teaching Academy).The camp is designed to concentrate on good, solid football fundementals which can be used, no matter what level of football you operate at. These will be drills and skills which are run by players and taught by coaches, from pee-wee football to the elite NFL players. There will be opportunities for players aged 15-25 to register for the camps and to compete and be tested by these world class football coaches. Also, coaches will be able to sign up to observe and work with the coaches during the week and learn what a professional coach does on a day-to-day basis, from some of the best around. There will be a coaches clinic over the weekend of the 12th/13th and two player camps, one based on pass pro/rush and the running game and the other focusing on the passing game and peripheral skills, with “7 on 7” personnel. Attendees will receive AFCTA branded sportswear, football test scores, advice from hugely experienced professional football coaches and help and advice on how “to get to the next level”.12th & 13th April 2014 – 2 day coaches clinic, with NFL calibre guest tutor coaches (To Be Announced) – free to current BAFCA members 14th & 15th April 2014 – “Down & Dirty” player camp, inside run & pass protection/rush emphasis. OL/RB/TE/QB/LB/DL players can apply 16th-18th April 2014 – “7 on 7” player camp – emphasising pass game, open field blocking and tackling. QB/WR/TE/RB/LB/DB players can apply. Coaches will be subject to necessary checks and players will be separated into respective age groups, where pertinent, in accordance with BAFA child protection policy. From Coach Jim Criner, AFCTA executive and Head Coach of the Easter Camp – “The AFCTA Easter camp will test each athlete, using standardised protocols, recognised by US colleges, High Schools and professional teams. Coupled with the practice film that we will be using at camp and the player assessments that each athlete will receive, a potential player for ‘the next level’ in the United States, will have some FANTASTIC transferable resource and evidence to use to help them along. AFCTA Coaches will also be in a great position to give individualised reports for each player on where they are, where they want to be and how to get there. The professional coaches in camp will be as honest, fair and helpful as they can be. The goal of AFCTA is to help develop both players and coaches to the best of their capabilities.” The AFCTA team will also be directly on the lookout for potential candidates for the IFAF World Development Team, to compete in 2015. Registration form now open (includes pricing)! Please note, registrations will be on a first com-first served basis. Payments will be accepted by check(NOW) or directly to the bank account from Friday 13th Dec.Get registering! It looks like it will be VERY popular! “Down & Dirty” Camp – Boarders £200 (£180 discounted)”7 on7″ Camp – Boarders £285 (£260)Both – Boarders £395 (£360)NB These prices come with lunches on each day you book, accommodation, breakfast and dinner for each evening you will stay with us. “Down & Dirty” Camp – non-boarders £145 (£130)”7 on7″ Camp – non-boarders £190 (£170)Both – non-boarders £230 (£210)NB These prices do not include food or board. 


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