Unpleasant departures in Frankfurt!


An unpleasant surprise awaited all fans of the Frankfurt Universe at the beginning of the month. In the ambitious second division there will be a new coaching staff, Because The previous management trio team of Patrick Griesheim, Daniel Garcia and Filip Pawelka is no longer available.

Actually Universe Appeared after the debacle of the obligation of the former success coach John Rosenberg on the right track. It Replaced Rosenberg after his dismissal for failure and problems with the team – or his return due to personal commitments to the United States, as it attempted to illustrate the Universe – by the duo Patrick Griesheim (offensive coordinator) and Daniel Garcia (defensive coordinator). Added to this was a short time later Filip Pawelka, who Took over in addition to his duties as athletic director, the position of Head Coach.

But what now Became known, Griesheim and Garcia have joined the Wiesbaden Phantoms, the deliberate withdrawal of Pawelka as athletic director at the beginning of next year to follow! What was to blame for this debacle. Where will the Universe go from here, there will be many reasons to keep a eye on the Universe in the next months.


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