Bürstadt profits from offseason disputes!


We learned early in the offseason that Bürstadt would have a new look come 2014. The new found staff of the Redskins holds familiar faces from the Weinheim Longhorns. Already the lose of a few players a year are two ago seems to have really snowballed heading in to this season. Rumors have it that the signing of Head coach S.Gloss to the Longhorns may have not been what most wanted. And disputes in past weeks we hear have lead to the loss of 17 more players all heading to the Redskins. With in that 17 are some very special guys and with the lost of those guys i think the Longhorn program could suffer. Coach Gloss is one of the best coaches in Germany, so it baffles me to hear about these players disputes and so on. We wish the Longhorns organization the best hopefully they can turn this around, and as for the Redskins we wish u guys the best as well, this season is being projected as a big turnaround season for them.


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