Kinghts Part Ways with Townsend!!


. After four successful seasons, the Franken Knights and  former quarterback Cedric Townsend in the 2014 season will go their Separate ways.

Townsend leaves behind  impressive statistic, with Which he undoubtedly, is one of the best players at his position. In four years, he received 12,881 passing yards, 3,938 rushing 176 td’s overall.

Of the 50 games with CT at QB the Knights were able to win 32 Together with Jojo Joyner and Tim cudgel he made over the years for a high operating on the highest level of offense giving opposing defenses major problems.

“Cedric was a important part of the  Knights. On and off the pitch. On  one hand, it is Certainly a loss for us. On the other hand, the Knights are with me in front of a new beginning. I want to bring a new philosophy into the team, For Which some changes in the status quo are  necessary. And one of the changes now takes place on the quarterback position. I think it is simply time to make something new with a new style of leadership. ” Explains Franken Knights Head Coach Randall Watkins.

Even Helmut Huprich, President of the Knights, sees the separation with a crying eye and one laughing eye. “Cedric had in his time with us a large part of the success of the Knights. He led the team to the top of the second division, and finally the rise. Overload In the two years he had, in spite of injuries, made a significant contribution to the league in the GFL. Cedric We are grateful for his work here and wish him a successful and injury-free future. “Said Huprich.

Townsend  Gained a lot of good memories here. He would like to thank the fans. He says goodbye to the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber with the words “I’ll see you later!”.

In the season 2014, Cedric Townsend Has already connected the Calanda Broncos from Switzerland. They play in the top division, “National League A” and therefore are Represented in the “Big6-European Football League” newly established. On the part of the Knights Has already made contact with potential new players, not only on the playmaker position, and is in the midst of Selecting the “Recruits” for the 2014 season.


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