A Season Of Feelings !!!!!


This 2013 season for me was one of the most enjoyable unforgettable season that I probably have played  so far. Having the chance to go back and face one of my former teams the KL Pikes. this game was big for me in many different ways. Going back to a city that i played for and also lived and had ties to. having a chance to face one of the best running backs Germany has seen, in Eric Walton.  Maybe for the past  2 years all I’ve been hearing was I wish I could see you play against the pikes and Walton. This weighed in heavy on my mind for a long time….will i or will i not have this chance, and it came December 2012 when the Rams came calling. Doing the ride up to KL it really hit me that this was it …put up are shut up time… I basically knew that the first game that we would play would out weigh the second game by far because this would be the first meeting!! We came in locked and loaded and didnt let up until it was over … Walton as well as myself played a ok game. We got the chance to mix it up a few time 🙂 .. Which for me was a test to gage my skill level. Some one said something to me in the game that I still haven’t forgot. He said damn i guess you can play I’ve never seen know one tackle E one on one in open field and you did it !!! That right there let me know a lot about a lot if you can read between the lines . I was more so happy about the win, and not the personal accomplishment. One accomplishment I am happy to  brag about is that we as a unit controlled their most dominate player. And came away with the W !! But one of my funnest games played this year was vs a early opponent, the Frankfurt Universe !!!!! This game was hyped up for so many different reasons… Frankfurt already known to be a powerful team now had a quarterback wide receiver duo from NIU. Their was lots of talk about these guys and the air raid that they killed with in college. But this was the last thing on my mind. Doing the off season i had seen they signed a few guys from a former team of mine the Marburg Mercenaries. This was big because now I’ve been giving the chance to face former teammates as well as my former DC! This hands down was the most enjoyable game. The first game would be played at home which was great for us. The head lines read #2 vs #3 , i would be lined up head to head with my bro’s, Bamboo a 6’7 250+ pounder at TE, as well as Franko a monster on both OL and DL, 6’6 DE CeCe aka Ced 🙂 as well as a few others. The night before me and Phil our QB had took at look at the peoples picks for the week and about 90% of the football world had us losing that game by 30 …. All i can say about that game was Great job Rams and LOL dont judge a book by its cover!!!!!


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  1. Billy Arrington

    We came together on both of those games and played very well. I hope this year proves to be as good as last year. Find someone to lead and march those guys to victory. I will miss rams ball fo shoo. I hope I left a impression on the guys I played with because they def left one with me.

    November 25, 2013 at 11:42 am

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