Rams drop another at home !!


As in the last week with the Allgäu Comets, also came on Saturday with the Kirchdorf Wildcats a strong opponent for Nuremberg at Zeppelin Field. But the Rams were my favorites nevertheless apply even if the Wildcats from the first leg, they lost narrowly to 6:14, still had a score to settle. Under these conditions, developed an exciting game for the audience captivated until the very last second.

Nuremberg were weakened in the game especially in defense. The CENTER of the Nuremberg Defense, Safety Zoran Sisak, had to abandon his team due to an injury. With the failure of Sisak, the Rams also lost their regular-kicker. He was replaced by Florian Rabe for kicks and punts for Phillip Garcia, with only partial success, as the miserable yield finished at the PATs.

The Wildcats were able to go with their first attack series 6-0 lead. The visitors surprised the Nuremberg defense. But  Nuremberg were also able to score. With a pass from Phillip Garcia to Silbermann was achieved a 6:6 touchdown to compensation. The guests marched with their next drive almost the whole field with a combination of running and passing , but the Rams stopped the Wildcats just before the end zone. The short field-goal attempt of the Kirchdorferfeld failed and it remained in the draw.

The following drives both teams were without points. This only changed after the guests had lost deep in their own half of the ball, the Rams were able to secure the ball. The hosts were so right in the attack ausssichtsreicher field position. Once again Kai Silbermann was served with a long pass. Thus, the Rams were with 13:6 lead. But the very next drive, the Wildcats were supported by many of the Nuremberg sentences, once again get into the end zone for the visitors to 12:13. Just before half-time, the Rams offense was once again up to the 1-yard line of the enemy, but time ran out before they could get the ball into the end zone. Points that should be part of the Rams later.

Immediately after the break, the Rams were able to accommodate a touchdown pass in the end zone with Florian Rabe, which was immediately answered by the guest but also with a touchdown pass. Back all the PATs were left lying, but still led the Nuremberg with 19:18. Another drive the Rams was then completed with a touchdown pass again Raven and the score of 25:18 Manuel Pöllmann was early in the fourth quarter even then intercept a pass of the opposing quarterbacks. Everything seemed to speak for the hosts, but the Rams could from this point either score himself, nor be run down with their drives enough time on the clock so that the Kirchdorferfeld the opportunities offered them by the fact used to turn in with two touchdowns to take the lead.

To play with the score at 25:30 with about half a minute, the Rams still had one last opportunity to win the game but still. But you could not use this chance. So it was with a frustrating defeat for the Nuremberg against a courageous opponent of gambling Kirchdorf…..


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