Argos find themselves back in the race!!!


A victory against the Hessians Ravensburg, Kirchdorf and Nuremberg would get the league to equalizing for the Pirates and Bayern finally in the third league. Nuremberg is also theoretically be obtained from the star salvors, but would lose all these three games. Since the Rams out against the Argonauts still have to compete against the bottom club and relegation from Kaiserslautern and Frankfurt against the Pirates, this seems unlikely.

The coaches of the Argonauts prepared before the Partiege against the Pikes especially the short-term failure-budgetary quarterbacks Joel Nixon worries. The playmaker of the Argonauts had decided on a home leave not to return to Germany. Of which he had the Argonauts Thursday night but only informed shortly before his expected return. Head coach Hesham Khalifa and his offensive coordinator January Radewald decided to go to the game then with a “One-Two Punch”. The playmaker role shared Anthony Morris and Ronald Sears, each equipped with a suitable package for your own playing style formations and moves.

So it was not surprising that both Starnberg conductors, but also the attack of the first guests need time to warm up for the first quarter remained without points. But it was soon found that the prescription of the coaches should rise. First Anthony Morris Joseph Chatman served more than 40 yards, the remaining 30 yards put the drives back to the first Ronald Sears Argo touchdown. Joe Chatman increased by conversion to 8:0. But the guests demonstrated briefly that was to be expected with their running game. Ball carrier Eric Walton escaped with his now well-known races full of countless hooks throughout the Starnberger defense and reduced to 7:8.

“Apart from this we have seen a run a very good performance of the defense on this day,” said President box Meier said after the game and DB coach Richard Smith could only agree with the. Not least because of two interceptions of rookie Nate Proulx and Benjamin Hoffmann, who has joined the team only during the season of their own youth, Starnberg defenders could pike in half then keep away from one of their own end zone. Another counter for the Argonauts brought Anthony Morris to 14-7 half-time on the scoreboard.

A familiar sight for fans of the Argonauts, with the exception of the game against the Widcats (half time 12:14), Jason’s men had always been to change sides at the Stadium on Riedener way forward. But the “problem area” three and four were pending. But even in the second period the hosts got off to the better start. Constant, the Starnberger attack move supported by a strong operating line across the field. Joe chat man built about five yards from the lead. But the joy of the lead did not last long. After kick from Thomas while the normally prevents dangerous returns by means of a strong foot touch back to Eric Walton grabbed the ball at the 1-yard line – 99 yards later he laid the ball off to the 13:22 connection.

At this time, the weather deteriorated noticeably and with a little more than four minutes in the third quarter, the referees had to interrupt because of a fierce storm. It was not until more than 50 minutes later it was back on and shortly after WR Justin Edwards approach than the Pikes brought by more than 17 yards on a reverse 19:22, it almost seemed as if the home side would be irritated by the break too. But the efforts of Head Coach Khalifa to motivate his team again fertilized successfully. Joseph Chat husband could still be recorded in the last quarter two more touchdowns to 36:19 final score for the Argos.


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