-ON- The Players corner with #JC5


So I know I’m super late but I’m getting back now letting everybody know about the first 3 weeks of the season. so far it’s a lot of things that have transpired  since I got here. Thank god for the most part all has been pretty good. From the jump i knew that some where along the way their would be some type of criticizing that just comes with it. But after so much happening in the off season and finally getting squared away, it was time to go!. I first meet our QB in Minnesota i think for the first time. He seemed to be a pretty kool dude from the jump! We chopped it up for a bit during the lay over. So it’s time to take off to ADam im nervous cus all im thinkin is plz let me get a decent person next to me for the next 9 hrs lol. So i luck up and get my window seat and a empty seat next to me 🙂 you talkin bout happy!!! Lol but funny thing is my guy #PG7 Phil Garcia has the coolest seat buddy but dude talk so much lmao and then …….i heard it !!! He speaking to my guy in the softest Voice ever had me weak!!! Know with that being the killin part the over kill comes in when buddy start passing gas lol nasty ewwwww i know right but we all made it safe lol. So after a long flight we made it to NBG where we was met with a very warm welcome. By coach and a few of the guys!! But after a week of practice it was finally camp time which to me is alway fun and exciting. You finally get to beat on some one other than a team mate. But camp Rams style was awesome, from class to the field dwn to the food 🙂 . The Munich Rangers came and we gave each other good work, much needed work. Things was still really not up to the liking in my opinion. But with a 2 week window before playin 2012 North power Cottabus things improved a bit more. The preseason game with them again showed us a lot of things we need much work on. But at the end stand we came out on top with a very close score. Now with another break be4 the season jumped off a few changes had taken place. But it was time to head south to face Qb, C.Daily and the Razor Backs. It was a perfect day for football the sun was out at full blast lol fans was loaded and loud my bro from home was hurr to see a game first person every to see me work in Europe. But the game in my opinion was not the best as a unit we had put in some new things within days and felt a lil bit shaky lol but like a strong unit do we communicate and stick together and held strong thanks to the Opposite side doin a great job managing the clock. At the end stand it read Rams Win! It was a very good feeling starting the season with a W. The next week of practice things was pretty good we all i think started to grasp the concept of our tasks. Not know to much of who we would be facing the coming week we really didnt have much to go on but knowin it would be a tough game. As always the Frankfurt Pirates are always a bit physical and mouthy lol but they come to play. After a slow start and a few miss haps we fell behind and had to fight back late. Killing ourself and playin to our opponents level we had a end stand of a 13-13 tie ….happy blessed and hurt at the same time lol. But stay tuned in for a recap of this week big game!



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