Fan Day successful for the Rams!!!!


On Saturday 20:04:13 there were about 350 enthusiastic football followers in a cold, damp weather around 8 degrees. Already at 11.00 clock graduated from the youth team at the Nuremberg Zeppelin Field Rams his competitive against the Starnberg Argonauts. The visiting legendary hero of Greek mythology could not pull the rams from the body the golden fleece and so guests were sent with a 37:8 back in their waters on Lake Starnberg. With this victory, the young rams remain unbeaten in the Bavarian League.

Then the A-team of the Rams went to their preseason game against Cottbus Crayfish. The visitors from the east occupied during the last season at the end of the 3rd place of the GFL 2 North although they ranged before long ranked first The Aries therefore invited to a top opponent to the test match at the pond a dozen.

At 15.00 clock it was finally over, the Franks were the guests of the ball by kick-off leaked. With a varied Drive the home side began to struggle immediately from the own half. Several great runs by running back # 33 John Fleischmann and secure passports from the new Playmaker # 7 Phillip Garcia Kai Silbermann # 84 brought the ram in the Redzone score. Another pass about 19 meters from QB Garcia # 81 Florian Rabe and the scoreboard showed the first points for the hosts. PAT traditionally transformed # 30 Zoran Sisak to 7:0.

Now the guests were on the train or the Rams better than the Nuremberg defense bulwark stopped the men from the Northern League after the first series and the right of attack by Punt moved back to the Franks.

Quarterback Garcia and his Aries again laid out a great series of attacks. Again, it was running back John Fleischmann erspielte the important yards. Unfortunately for Franken Unsuccessful a ball over to the opponent’s Redzone and so the Aries lost the egg at the 15 meter mark. Possession Cottbus.

The trial run through the center of the ram could promptly stop and crayfish sat now on a Passspielzug which the receiver does not get a firm grip and got this flew through the air. Nuremberg Defender Dominik Hülß # 20 took the opposite friendly guest gift and wore the pill about 15 meters back into the end zone of the guests. The score is 13-0. Zoran Sisak with the PAT to 14:0.

When the guests absolutely nothing went according to plan. Also the next wave could notch up the Rams and defensive leader Zoran Sisak was also able to grab the leather from the air. Re change of possession at Soldier Field. Already at 2.Down handed playmaker Garcia the ball to running back # 18 Malik curry and went off like hot spice in the hot sausage. Only after 58 meters he came to be and that only because he had passed the end zone for the score 20:0. PAT transformed by Zoran Sisak to 21:0 and ends with the kick off at the same time the first game of district.

For the crayfish from Cottbus Although the half but did not change the luck. First turn the receiver of a pass after a successful catch was knocked out of the Nuremberg scissors and # 2 Kasey Smith recovered the ball at the opponent’s 39 yard line. With only two trains passing game in a row # 7 of Phillip Garcia on Florian Rabe # 81, the lobsters were placed with 27:0 in the Reuse – a debacle paved itself. Zoran Sisak by PAT increased to 28:0.

Also, the next series of guests brought them nothing for the time being and then separated again by this punt from leather. The ball flew deep into the half of ram and a defender with his opponent was so busy that he did not notice that he touched the ball there.Cottbus had watched it and Dato up most of the space in this encounter profit earned by Fumble Recover. Still shocked by this fact put Cottbus immediately after by-pass and scored from 21 yards to score back to 28:7. The PAT was successfully transformed and it was 28:7.

The remaining time both teams brought a no further counter and so it stood at halftime 28:7 for Nuremberg.

Rams head coach Ralf Prosiegel at this time was very satisfied with his men, however, admonished them not to rest on their laurels. The Nuremberg defense promptly stopped her guests in the drive after the half-time whistle, but fared no better rams.Cottbus was somehow into the match and could lay the middle of the third quarters after 28:13. The PAT missed for his goal.

With the break for the final quarter of the guests stayed with another touchdown pass to 28:19 on it and even converted the 2-point conversion to 28:21. So it was quite exciting at the Zeppelin Field.

Exciting was the following scene:

Ball Passing by to kick off the rams and Returner # 18 Malik Curry was not right to take the ball. After 3 Cottbus opponent stood directly in front of it picked up the stray egg and ran on it and all. The absolute highlight of the day was this sensational kick return touchdown about 92 meters at the Malik went off like a “curry chips” – absolutely hot and horny the boy. The subsequent snap on PAT failed and Zoran Sisak was stopped at the makeshift run into the end zone. Nevertheless continue to lead with 34:21 for the ram.

Cottbus plant something consolation for 34:28 but this was just before the final whistle.

Nuremberg’s head coach Ralf Prosiegel the match: “It was me in this game does not even so much about winning, rather, I wanted my team to the season under live conditions to see, because these are preparation games out. We had a good opponent we taktierten at will in the first half, after the break we were able to try out many new and also use the back-up players that we have the game for us Decide could’re already a good feeling for the start of the season on May 05 in Ravensburg, because then it becomes serious. “

Final 34:28 (28:7 HZ)


Gameday: Sunday, May 12, 2013 
Kick Off: 15.00 clock Rams Nuremberg – Frankfurt Pirates 


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