Avignon & Toulouse bat

The arrival of Toulouse promised to be a trap. Placed in the other group, the lack of landmarks in Avignon were not deflated and played like they know so well. But it is nevertheless the visitors opened the scoring on their first offensive drive concludes Vitasse (0-7). In place defensively, Toulouse will pay dearly for their indiscipline and chronic Betza take the opportunity to put the two tied teams (7-7). Players of the Rose City were close to take the lead at the break but they were again penalized.

Defensive grip

After the break, both teams are engaged in a fierce defensive battle in midfield. Indiscipline change sides, the local mistakes and the Bears Toulouse benefit to resume physical and moral influence on protected Gilles Vine. The visitors were very close to killing the game by scoring a touchdown and refused a field-goal that misses poles. Avignon is recovering and is Senmartin which will register the winning touchdown on a long and majestic passes from quarterback Zach Hoffman American (14-7). This success was slow to draw but it is real and it allows the Warriors to take the provisional top spot in the group until the meeting between Nimes and Cannes takes place as it has been postponed this weekend appointments end.Prochain you in two weeks for the Warriors against the Hurricanes Montpellier (Saturday 23 to 20h).

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