Ced Clark added 2 Universe D!!


Born in Atlanta Clark began in 2001 with the Kassel Crocodiles playing American Football, ” with basketball  I was not busy enough.” Just one year later he was scouted by Marburg. From 2004 to 2006 follows three South league title and in 2005 the income of the EFAF Cup. . “In 2006  Galaxy  National Camp of NFLE called thena stand in the German Bowl, and a year later in the Euro Bowl” , the best seasons were 2007 and 2008 for Cedric Clark. As he was leading sacker of the GFL, he received in 2008 an invitation from the NFL international players camps in Seville, Barcelona, ​​Cologne and London. “Due to the lack of weight of about 15 kilograms, it was unfortunately nothing …” In 2009, however, Clark was rewarded with a nomination for the German national team.

Cedric Clark in Action “Now I am thrilled to be working with coaches like John Rosenberg, and a team like the Universe …” In Frankfurt Clark impinges on several familiar
faces from the national team, including Jerome Barnes.

Filip Pawelka also welcomes the commitment Clarks: “With Cedric we get a player that causes many offense in Germany headaches,” said sports director of Universe. “I was fortunate to play with him for several years, in the GFL the national team, and was able to observe his great development to one of the dominant players in Germany Defense. He is a great addition to our team.


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