Dresden,Lubeck SMDH !!!!!

When the footballer in Dresden when it was founded 20 years ago would not have found such a good name-suffering and irony-prone fan they could call with some justification Dresden in 2012 JoJo’s. The Monarchs play in this anniversary season like hop or top, or shame Hui Ying or Yang. A flapper and a heady victory follows vice versa. After the hefty defeat against Berlin, I now have to admire a victory that was primarily in its clarity not unexpected.

Against Berlin was to early to even guess errors midway through the first half to defeat. Against Lübeck at the same time the virtual already popped champagne corks. Already in the first quarter of Dresden lay in front of three touchdowns. A 16 yrd pass from Warren Smith on Jan Hilgenfeold and two TD runs by Larry Croom in the first 12 minutes. The Cougars countered at the beginning of the second quarter. Loklan Gilbert could not catch a pass from the port-TD. Dresden shook briefly – and put three more TDs on it by the half time break. Twice again Larry Croom was successful with strong legs. Hemaseh Heidary this was by Pass

The good 1300 fans at Heinz Field Dresden wiped out if they were not busy with degree touchdown cheer, astounded eyes. Clear: Lübeck is not Berlin. But a team that was a week before clearly inferior in almost every respect and disappointed, now suddenly confident and sure acted that was surprising. You can call it “an appropriate response to the court.” It also makes the defeat of a week ago, much more bitter.

It does not matter. Dresden did after the break, Keep it up. This was followed by another 3 TDs in 12 minutes. Croom, Heidary and Wetzel were named the executors. In the last quarter, it had long played second guard, QB Eric Seidel provided with a short, spirited run for the 70th round Luebeck to himself, or via a TD pass to put on Mike Kresowaky.

That was kind of a nice and conciliatory football afternoon. Next week it goes to Hamburg to join the Blue Devils, then it is again anew the royal will to win to prove.


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