The current standings in the GFL Group South offers the Marburg Mercenaries still a chance to qualify for the playoffs, or even to grab the right home for them. That’s the positive view. Have moved the table considered negative image that is also offers the possibility of falling in regions where the local “mercenaries” have not felt for ages. No matter how you look at it, the game next Sunday against the Rhein Neckar Bandits from Mannheim a key game for the rest of the season.

The first leg in Mannheim went narrowly lost, but it is hoped the camp of the Mercenaries to draw the right lessons from the defeat to have. His time in June, it was so, that, while the feared running game of the Bandits to the two ex-Mercenaries Sean Cooper and Danny Washington well under control, but pointed to the deep pass extremely vulnerable. Quarterback Mark Ehrenfried, changed before the season of the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, brought the ball when it came to actually playing the man who scored 336 passing yards, quite incidentally, and all this from his first game after returning from an injury. Head coach Joe Sturdivant is convinced that show the pass defense this time of their better side, but warns at the same time afraid to lose now, the real strength of the “bandits” out of sight: “We can not afford to deep standing and waiting for the pass because we give Cooper and the running game too much space. I think one of the key will be how much pressure we can exert on the quarterback. ”

Mercenaries are still plagued the staff always bad. With Tobi Ochs, John Power, Eric Heinz, Philip Prohaska, Paul Montalbano, Lars Hampel and others were missing several players recently, which are provided at the base of the formation, so that the coaching staff was gewzungen always improvise. But all the whining does not help, like coach always says Sturdivant: “Injuries are part of the sport, after all this Sometimes it just hits a little harder, but we will emerge stronger from this mess..”

Kickoff of the game against the upstart is on Sunday 8/12/2012 at 16 in the clock-Georg Gassmann stadium in Maribor


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