Unnecessary penalties in key game situations. . The inability to maneuver, the gaming device in four attempts at point blank range into the end zone. . There were several factors that contributed to the fact that a hard-fought Wiesbaden and certainly deserved lead in the quarter-final match still had to take out of the hands. A leadership that could have been said without dropouts may well expand, before the Bandits took a tour de force and two touchdowns to win the double point in the bag.

Stephan Mertsching opened for his Bandits on a pass from Mark Ehrenfried the scoring in a balanced game. However, the extra point awarded the hosts their first touchdowns as well as the Phantoms during the subsequent compensation by Richard Eden to pass from Kevin Brüngel. With the score of 6:6 were first switched sides.

Seydou Jalloh brought the phantom with a short run for the first time in the lead and finished to a beeindruckene, about 80 yards long series of attacks of his team. After Tobi cruiser Wiesbaden extra point lead for the first time, but had to accept the return of post adjustment. Danny Washington National players wore the ball over 80 yards in the first Folgespielzug distance to settle in the end zone (extra point Henn).

After the half time then a great opportunity for the Phantoms, to decide the game for themselves. A 50-yard pass to Patrick Brüngel Ihl and missed only three yards for a touchdown. Four plays and a penalty later, the hosts took the ball on their 1 yard line. Annoying, avoidable and again due to the lost battle for a few centimeters. “At such moments, we simply do what most distinguishes our adversary. Callousness and sovereignty. We do not accomplish what we prepare. This situation was certainly relevant to what followed, “Sven saw his side’s disappointing that gloss seconds.

While Tobi cruisers managed directly by the end of the third quarter a risky game field goal attempt from 45 yards distance from the phantom 16:13 lead. The assigned major opportunity for a touchdown, but felt the gnawing self-confidence of the team. We are also the costly loss of the ball after it. All the more disappointing because it came from an interception of Youngster Christian Zimmermann straight in half the Bandits in possession of the ball. Bandits on the run from Jalloh 19 yard line, holding penalty against Wiesbaden, deep pass attempt, interception and possession Bandits Bandits on the 22 yard line of the phantom. The game tipped. Especially since U.S. ballcarrier Sean Cooper this template by return to its 21:16 Mannheimer recovered.

If we are what we create ourselves, finally translate into countable, we go to the winner of the Mannheim court. But we can not, and therefore for us now begins the fight against relegation place, the hold is still the Munich Cowboys’ bye Sven Gloss officially move from the desire of his young team into the playoffs can be.

The final touchdown of the hosts finally sealed the fate of Darensburg the Phantoms, and sent them into the work-up at many sites in a short interval of play before 21 Juli die Stuttgart Scorpions zu Gast in Wiesbaden sein werden. In July of the Stuttgart Scorpions guest in Wiesbaden.


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