Steelers vs Raiders 2

Steelers win in Neuwied, and become master Die win Steelers Saarland in Neuwied with 3: 58 impressively against the Rockland Raiders prematurely. With this victory, the Steelers secured two matchdays before the end of season championship and thus were promoted to the Oberliga. After the Labour victory against Wetzlar last week, the Steelers again showed their famous strength and dominated the game from the outset.

In the first half, there was no getting through for Neuwied. The the Steelers defense was rock solid and let a single point in the first quarter. Only in the third quarter allowed at all the Raiders a first down and proved it again as the best defense in the League.
In the attack, it ran perfectly. The well designed quarterback, Marius Zell, seamlessly tied to his earlier performance after a five-week injury break and led the offense on almost any drive in the end zone. The 58 points been made most of the running. Benjamin Thompson made it to 20 points, Karim Bida 18 points, fullback Mike Heiler 12 points and the tight end James Kohl as receivers began two beautiful passes in the end zone for 8 points.
To the second half, it was already 0: 42 for the Steelers, so was now somewhat slower take it and the referee let as long as possible go through the time. However, were Raiders now more and more in the game and put the defenders from the Saarland heavily under pressure with their offense. In the fourth quarter an NI goaltender attempt could be prevented then and the Raiders made it as well in the first leg to 3 points. All substitute and newcomers were used, but were still little chance of points for the Raiders. The offense the Steelers was also further successful and scored two touchdowns and two two-point conversions before the final whistle rang out and to early masters made the Saarland Steelers after a good and fair game.

“We have shown from the first second, that we want to get the Championship today.” It was a fantastic team effort of the entire team. Now we want the perfect season with a 10-0 victories. “, reported the freudestrahlende head coach Stefan Heiler shortly after the game.”

The Steelers would like to thank the many fans visitors with and cheerleaders that celebrated even in rainy weather your team and the Saarland. As always, it was a great support for the player on the Court.

On 7 July the German still away against Kassel and then a week later, on July 15, the final game of the season against the Redskins Bürstadt to home in Kirkel. All working now then go through the winning streak until the end of the season and to ascend with ten wins in ten games in the League.

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