Steelers look to reload after break…..

A very significant defeat one of the Footballer Neuwied Rockland Raiders last Saturday against the plug in Kirkcaldy Saarland Steelers. That it would be a very tough game for the guests from Neuwied, so everyone had expected. That would be 3:62 with such a clear defeat in the end, that had presented the Deichstätter certainly different. They started very well. After the Defense Neuwied had captured the ball from the Saarland Steelers kicker Martin Pelzer could turn a remarkable field goal from 40 yards away and staggered so that one or the other spectators in awe. This, however, all points of the Raiders were recorded. From that point, only the opponent did on the scoreboard. Led by quarterback Jamaal Jonas, the Steelers offense was especially good on the ground floor with very good leg work and scored again points against a defense Neuwied, which found itself again and again with his back against the wall. After the first half were the guests of Neuwied considerable decrease of 46:3. “After the first half was already obvious that the Steelers had today in any area the better team on the field,” head coach Jörg Bammerlin said after the game. “For us it was then why not give up and keep fighting -. Should look no matter what the score at the end” And these are the Raiders did then. The game was lost, but neither player wanted to admit defeat and so they offered to viewers even further into the half time, a handsome football game. The Raiders will not take long time to recover from the shock. Already next Saturday they travel to Kassel to against the Titans to take that are safe for revenge from the first leg of that Neuwieder with 29:0 could decide for them selves.


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