Comets take GFL Sud by Storm !!!!!

2,000 spectators watched the game on equal terms, which the Comets were able to 33:28 with luck and skill to win.Even before the game was clear that both teams would pay nothing. The Frankfurt came first possession of the ball, but could be stopped by the defense quickly. The Comets offense marched in the usual manner on the field and in the end it was Kevin Conrath, who took the lead with a spirited run for the Kempten. The extra point by Christoph Erber was also good and as the Comets went 7-0 in the lead. But the answer was not long in coming. Quarterback John Rock was always free receivers, which are then put back the last few yards to walk into the end zone. Here too, the extra point was good and it was 7:7.In the second quarter of the same image. Now it was the attack of the Allgäu, who fought with strong runs by Kevin Conrath always forward. A perfect drive quarterback Shane Jackson graduated with a beautiful pass from Webb to Orlando. And now it seemed as if it would work well in defense. The passing game was all but stopped. Only the nimble receiver Brian Berry, the Comets could not control. The Frankfurt still had to punt away from the ball by. Orlando Webb was able to pick up the ball and returned 70 yards into the end zone of the guests. Even the extra point was good and as the Comets went with 20:7 lead. And again the defense stood like a rock. Universe was indeed always make up ground, but in crucial situations, the defense of the Allgäu always a bit faster. And that quarterback Shane Jackson led his offense again shortly thereafter refreshing way across the field and finished with a pass to Stefan Hafels to 27:7 lead. But who thought that the break in Frankfurt was wrong now. They fought back and came before half-time approached even at 27:14.In the second half, the Comets crept in a little carelessness. In the offense, it was no longer around and the defense did not John Rock and Brian Berry under control. The number of fouls on both sides became more frequent in the third quarter and the visitors scored again with 27:21 and came back on the scoreboard. At this stage proved to the fans of the Comets in 12th Man whipped and the Allgäu always forward. Again, it was Kevin Conrath, who with his legs gave the attack again and again air. Shane Jackson took the final with a pass to Stefan Hafels. The extra point was no good and it was 33:21 for the Allgäu. Then turned right on the Frankfurt again. Again and again it was the duo rock / Berry, who made life difficult for the defense. And so it was only a matter of time, fell to the next touchdown. 33:28 It was just before the end of the game. Now it was again closely. The Comets were in possession of the ball, but could not make the final seconds more first down. With 5 seconds on the clock, the Frankfurt got the ball back with a long pass, again to Brian Berry, the defense could stop the attack on the 15 yard line and ran out of time.”That was not a game for the faint of heart,” said John Florian, spokesman for the Allgäu Comets. “Through a lot of unnecessary penalties, we have made it very difficult life itself, and points can lie,” said John continued.”Today I have a lot of the guys nervous tasted, but it was a great game, with the better end for us,” said Anja Bloch, CEO of Bavaria Comets. “I am proud of my boys,” grins Anja Bloch after the game.


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