Steelers to strong for the Raiders

The Steelers send master favorite Neuwied with 62: 3 swatter home in the last game of the first half which were Steelers on Saturday, 26 May, against the Neuwied Rockland Raiders to top form on. With a staggering score of 62: 3 the Saarland, Steelers sent back their guests home.

The Steelers have bad found in the game at the beginning and lost the ball just at the first play at the Rockland Raiders. He could quickly be retaken by the defense, but after 2 other plays of the offense, a running back again dropped the ball and the Raiders approached the end zone more and more. By the good defensive work of the Steelers a touchdown could be prevented though, but the Raiders went over 40 yards in the NI goaltender with 3 points through a good kick. This first gap throughout the season has shaken the Steelers and they allowed no one further point the opponent.
The defense was the most dangerous player # 85 Ortiz Kenneth almost completely turn off. When each ball contact, in turn, just 2 players at him were off. The Raiders tried to make the running back # 40 Benjamin Thompson cold at the same time, but the game plan by head coach Stefan Heiler went fully on. Course of the game showed that the Steelers have many dangerous players, based not on a single individual. So Benjamin drew wide attention of the Raiders defense on himself, but the other Runningbacks Karim Bida, Maurice Lauffer, Mike healer and also the quarterback Jamaal Jonas moved the ball and scored. Also through the air, it was successful, so Christian SCHUNK was a beautiful 20 yard pass catch and in the end zone.
The Defense also scored points. Holger Neumann and Patrick Eckerle intercepted per a ball and came up in the end zone of Neuwied. With pressure Tavern defense game, the Steelers reached even a safety, making a total of 14 points were brought by the defence team on the Board.

“After initial lack of concentration, we have strongly played and shown a closed team performance.” Also our heavy of guys from the Offense-and defense-line have one big job done. “Above all Christian servants, which always grows about yourself beyond and all positions on two lines can play.” says Stefan Heiler’s head coach after the game.

The Steelers increased their distance in the table to the persecutors from Trier on now 4 points. Now missing only two WINS in four matches to secure the Championship in the National League and the second time in a row to climb.

The team has game break now, after six games in six weeks, three weeks before it at home goes wolves Wetzlar on 17 June of the back round game in Kirkel against the.


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