Players Corner …Jamaal Jonas 5-26!!!!!!

Saarland Steelers #9 Jamaal Jonas

Well sorry for the long delay, I know im about 3 ta 4 weeks behind but here we go!!!!!!LOL.Burstadt week 3 was a very strong team I think the strongest team that we faced all year. It was a very rainy and semi cold day but it was still something in the air that had the boiz on max. It was a lil trash talkin goin on doing warm ups that kinda sparked a small fire as well to boil the blood a bit. So any way the game jump off and I see somebody I think I know from my team last year at LB. I get a better look and it turn out to be my boi Sun Shine ..lmao had me weak out thurr seein him, but it was also a good feeling to see a homeboy. So we get on D I line up and I’m lookin right in the face of yet another team mate from last year. He runs a few plays before I get the chance to run up on him and I call his name out and he turns and I see the biggest smile. It was love we gave each otha big hug right thurr doing the game shook up and wished each other the best it was fun not to be playin each other in practice. Now this counts . The hole game we talkin trash to each other havin fun. I kept tellin him the hole game to throw me the ball lmao. But he knew better he kept goin away from me until he slipped up and tossed a few up my way and I came away with our lil battle with 2 INT’s. We beat them 30-3. The lowest for us yet this season. Cant wait to host him at the great home of the Steelers. The next week we looked to face what everyone thought was a top tier team in Kassel. Kassel came in Looking to be a strong team but seemed so out of it as they seem to have guys playing spots they don’t play. We took it to them 42-0 I think. I think I had a few passes maybe a passing TD few rushing , and on D maybe 3 tackles do to my great LB’s . Now mind you it was a lot of talk the last time we played the Stampers. It was time for us to host them. And just that we did it was a very good game a lot of damn good plays from the Steelers family and Captain America *Benny T*. They pretty much tried to contain the middle on us but we have more than just a power game we can hit the outside and we showed them that as we ended that with a 38-3 score. My boi Dave got tossed for what we all seen on film to be a clean hit …. Way ta lay boi down D. … and thanks for getting me back in on D to get that pick lol . But ey the hell wit all that it was my B-Day week practice was great all week .. but all that was in the air was Hitman Perry and the Raiders and how they are the best team … lol OOOOOKKKKKKK …..So the Day comes im not really feeling the game at the start. I haven’t been a starting QB in years and I mean years lol then its my B-Day . But all that changed once the bad boi Raiders pulled in. Every one gets off but hit man ..but then there he is . So warm up time come and this ful aint dressed?????? Hummm guess he aint playing today lol he just semi coach and talking ish to us from the side line lol yea ok brah. But we took it to that @zz. 62-3 I ran one and had a few on the grown and in the air but I tossed up my first INT and that just don’t sit well. But the things ive never seen in german football lmao is a brawl. And im damn sho them German fans aint seen that lol that’s sumthan they aint goin to forget see yall next game to im sure . But im at the head shaking up and next thing u know every body from every whurr running around throwin blows lol ful’s faces fat ful’s turned up on max lol. But it all ended good most of the guys chilled out and we got on with the after game activities . We now got a 3 week break from games so I guess ill be getting back at yall after that. Thanks for reading ……!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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