Franken Knights take down the Munich Cowboys !!!!!


This game was really not a shock to me. I knew that the Knights was strong team and could beat the Cowboys. But we really didnt have them sitting at 2-0 right now. The bigger test are yet to come for this young team ..teams beware!!!! Seems as if Knights QB C.Townsend went to work on them boys as he went for 435 yards by air with a nice 66 yarder to WR J.Joyner who got it 9 times for 218 yards and 5 TD’s. Munich QB P.Carey had his way as well with the Franken DB’s passing for 392 yards and 6 TD’s. Franken avg 9.3 yards a play vs the Cowboy D ..hummmmmm !!!!! This week the Cowboys take on Wiesbaden and the Knights will face the R-N Bandits who took a very hard lost to 2011 GFL Champs S.Hall


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