He’s Back !!!!! Sean Cooper -N- Da Players Corner (2012)

Offseason is a hard time for many Sean, Could you tell us a bit of how your offseason went. My offseason was long and full of unknowns but went well, I trained twice a day since June working on mobility and flexibility getting back healthy, which has helped me get faster as well as stronger. In Sept. Actually had a Practice roster agreement with a CFL team but they decided on another RB But I was told they would still maybe bring me into camp but it wasn’t the case but that’s is the nature of the business. Waiting on that I passed on other great European offers. LOL sounds stressfull. So how did things get going with Mannheim. Got the deal in Mannheim through the work of Jamaal Jonas initially and hard work of Lb daniel mccray. Because my good friend Torrance brown was taking over as offensive coordinator not to mention the opportunity to play with the best German RB as well Danny Washington and they were patient with me it was a easy choice. The deal has actually been done and player pass signed since February we have managed to keep it quiet until recently. LOL Thats hard to do some times . Well so far whats your out look on the team. I’ve only been here a week but as a team it looks to be alot of young talent and they are hungry for success. Coach Washington does a great job keeping things in check and he runs a old school no non-sense type of program which I like. With or without Sean Cooper Rhein-Neckar is a good program and I feel would be a playoff team. Now we just have to go out and play hard and you know stay healthy if we remain healthy alles gute. For me personally I just want to be thankful for being able to play again because its a blessing to do so be a great teammate and stay healthy, play hard, have fun and help a already good Bandits team be better. How does it feel to be back in the GFL South. It feels good to be back in GFL (south) where I received my 1st chance to show I was a great player danke Arik Bredendiak for that. It’s where the German champions live (S.Hall) lots of respect to Coach Gierke, so I want to play the best. In the south we play big 12 ball, in north everyone plays SEC ball. We have the great offense down here that the north doesn’t see and Vice Versa. Something that will be on everyones mind is are you looking forward to playing your old team. Playing Marburg, yes I’m looking forward very much it will be fun it will be like playing your hometown I have alot of respect for the Club and the people there. My feelings about the game will probably be the same as every game except when we play in Marburg I probably go a little harder. I’m excited , motivated and determined to help The Rhein-Neckar Bandits get on the GFL map. WELL WELL WELL THERE YOU HAVE IT FROM THE MAN HIM SELF SEAN COOPER. THANKS ALOT FOR THE LOVE AND WE HOPE TO HEAR MORE FROM YOU. STAY BLESSED STAY ON POINT AND HAVE A GREAT SEASON.

Sean Cooper


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