Steelers win in home opener!!!!

The Steelers bring the Titans to case the first home game in Kirkel the Saarland have mastered Steelers well on Sunday, flexibilities,. Guest, the Kassel were Titans, who beaten had to be after four one-sided districts and a final score of 42-0. From the outset, the Steelers dominated the game and had no doubts that she would leave the place as a winner today.

Already in the first drive stormed Steelers in the opponent’s end zone, but they lost one of their best players, the US American Benjamin Thompson, who was sent off because of incorrect footwear. That was a shock for the Steelers right at the beginning of the game, but the team was thus still closer together and won be next touchdown to touchdown.

On this day the Steelers built increasingly on their passing game, so ended up just 2 litters of quarterback Marius Zell in the hands of a receiver in the end zone. But also on our runner was wiedermal can rely, all managed to get points on the Board. The mixture of passport and running made the Steelers unpredictable on this day.
In the fourth quarter then the shock for the Steelers starting quarterback Marius cell ends up unhappy in a tackle and breaks the arm itself. Now the second quarterback Jamaal Jonas had to fill, which demonstrated his good throwing arm with a Touchdownpass to receiver Christian SCHUNK on more than 60 yards.
The “killer app” the Steelers was their strong defense, which no chance the opponent to develop and gain yards again. Kassel managed only two first downs in the entire game and never came close to the end zone.

The Defense coaches Frank Sieber and Michael-David Sizemore make a giant ‘ job! Only the many avoidable penalties, make a little distempered and head coach Stefan healers give reason to cover this topic in the training. Throughout the game, three touchdowns due to foul were stripped.

This week is called it hard work, because next Sunday of the most strongest opponents, the National League comes with Trier, mid 2012 after Kirkel. Although the Steelers clearly won the first leg, but trier is now warned and will necessarily gain the round table on Sunday.


One response

  1. davidson chimara

    not to mention jamaal jonas had a water fight with a teammate thru out the game which he cheated to win that battle lol.

    May 15, 2012 at 10:49 am

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