Unicorns-Panthers to face off in EFL match!!!!

“This is a much harder task than last in Badalona,” says Hall’s head coach Siegfried Gehrke before the first home appearance of his team this year and after winning the German Bowl in October. The season opener in Badalona Spain had brought the TSG-football player with flying colors behind. A 44:6 success had been procured on the return trip in the luggage and thus the best conditions for the Aimed In the quarter-finals at the Euro Bowl.

To achieve this, the Unicorns on Saturday and beat the Parma Panthers. The Italian champion in 2010 and 2011 had the Badalona Dracs six weeks ago as a guest with him in Italy, and they succeeded with a clear 30:6 victory against the Spaniards.

Judging from this result, the Unicorns on Saturday so expect an enemy on equal terms. Come to that, the Panthers are already in the midst of the ongoing round of the Italian Football League (IFL) and are recorded appropriately. In the league they are a good start and are currently with six wins and two losses in the fourth. Finally they were able to achieve this past weekend-a 21:0 win at the Milano daemons.

On average 31 points per game while documenting a very productive offensive formation, and so it is no coincidence that the Panthers are one of the top teams in Italy. Hall’s head coach Siegfried Gehrke estimates the Italian masters in international comparison more than one, the Italian national team.

At a special celebrity, the Panthers came five years ago years by a book by best-selling author John Grisham. For his novel “Touch Down” (original title: “Playing for Pizza”) made him the Footballer Parma served as a template. When they researched for Grisham story that revolves around an American football player in the service of an Italian first division teams.

The Unicorns will on Saturday be important that we compare the performance in Badalona during the vote in attack to make progress. Sun ended two weeks ago to many of the very precise cast of the new passports Spitzlberg Jake Haller playmaker on the floor.

The hope of the season home opener Haller 2012, Haller many spectators in the stadium Hagenbach. Bids will be there next to the first appearance of the newly occupied Unicorns in some places after winning the German championship, the famous Unicorn framework program for young and old. In addition, the lure TSGler this year the season starts again with the ticket-and T-shirt Offer: For 10, – € you get both the admission ticket and the new fan-shirt 2012th

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