Show down -N- the BIG BAD CITY

Well like all we have the Adler coming out on top in this one. This game opens the season for both teams and lets not even bring up that its the capital city rivaly!!!!!!! The Rebels are coming off a pretty good preseason as camp turn out well as well as their much noted preseason game vs #3 ranked Marburg. This will be one live game people …. Adler by 14

The Berlin Rebels, re-promoted in the GFL North 2012 have invited in the past two weeks to friendlies, the Hamburg Huskies and the Marburg Mercenaries and their game system and were able to test well. Both games were won by the Rebels.

The Berlin Adler are expected as the favorite in the game going, they were a total of 6 times German champion, and in recent years EFAF Cup and Euro Bowl winner. In this respect the Eagles also have a lot of experience and routine. Since they were able to find even when the friendlies over the game system of the Rebels, they are probably better prepared to assist the Rebels. The last two games in 2010, the Eagles could decide to 32:14 and 28:24 for themselves.

As clear as it might seem on paper too, so it is unclear the outcome of this game. For every offseason formed another team. And the Rebels have with Coach Kim Kuci Offense and Defense Coach Javier Cook made in the offseason their homework. Darius Outlaw, the longtime quarterback for the Rebels, is supported by the new team had come into Jason Horton and Brian Amaral as a wide receiver and Samuel Shannon as a running back on offense. The defense was strengthened with Phil Urlacher on the defensive line and linebacker Rory Johnson and kicker Matthew Evensen was taken. At the latest by the test matches they should have been well integrated into the team and the team have to be well coordinated. If this team can beat the Rebels eagle?

The Berlin Adler to Head Coach Wanja Mueller have been reinforced with quarterback Alex Good and Conrad Meadows as a wide receiver and running back. You have completed the pre-season friendlies and no official so they start with their first game on Sunday. If the vote running in the parts of the team under playing conditions are already well and smoothly?

Many questions that are received on Sunday a response. And so now begins in the capital of the GFL 2012 season with a presumably thrilling game between the riser and the Berlin Rebels multiple German champion Berlin Adler.


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