Jamaal Jonas -N- da Players Corner (2012)

Its been a very long and stressful offseason for many of us I know. But this offseason for me was like no other , outside of working out trying to keep the body right and in shape, I had to deal with the everyday dealings of communicating just about every day with different teams trying to work out the best deal possible for the team as well as myself. After talking with a friend of mine and former coach I found myself heading back to Germany as a Saarland Steerler. I had no idea what to expect about the team are the players who brotherhood I would becoming apart of. I was so ready but at the same time not so ready to leave the place I call home da 618.. My mom was the number one reason of not wanting to go with time flying the way it is and me realizing Its been 4 birthdays that I have missed really takes tolls on me with missing her. But seeing her in person for the last time along with my family I was ready …. Jumped on the plane and took off to NY where I had to sit for a few hours. The weirdest thing happens when I got to my gate to relax a bit and try to contact home. I hear from behind oh you’re a St.louis Fan huh??? I turn and see this woman walking up. It shocked the hell outta me for one because I’m not expecting nobody to speak to me, let alone sit and have a convo lol. So anyways I replay oh yea STL fan all day ehurr day. She laughed and said she didn’t really like them but come to find out she was from the area. That as well shocked me to be all the way in NY and bump into a person from my area. We talked for a long time about home, she told me the most funniest story of how a lil country white woman ended up in Madison. LOL I will never forget this but long story short she ended up being a very nice woman and helped me past time by having some one to chat with. She also lives here in Germany with her husband. But hey it was finally time to broad the plane I was so ready to go lol …. I got my fav seat the window seat . Now with just about the whole plane full and no one yet sitting in my seat you know I had the biggest smile on my face lol but just as the happiness set in I was joined by a older german fello. I had no idea what I would spark up as a convo with this guy hell didn’t know if he even wanted to have a convo with cha boi but hey me being me I’m not bout to sit next to you for 9hrs and not know anything lol…. So to my surprise he jumps off the convo and we talked for a good lil min about different things in the states and in Germany. Found out that he was a helicopter polit that was just in the states doing a lil flying in over NYC. That I thought was so cool but he also thought some things I told him were also pretty cool. After chatting a bit with him though I look and realize aint no tv on my seat lol wth we all gotta look at the big screen at the same thang the hole flight ohhhhh nawwwww …. That right thurr killed my mood lol but the flight movies was pretty cool the flight was cool big ups KLM. After all that time in the air I finally got to Frankfurt Germany, were I was meet by my beautiful schatz and my Coach. It was good to be backkkkkkkk. The next big thing I faced was no meeting the team and thinking what would they think of me, would they like me, hell do they want me apart of the fam lol you know a lot be going on up north when you jumping into something new. The first practice I went to was the day I landed. I was tired as **** but you know this is why I’m here. So getting to practice I had butterflies like crazy. I meet a lot of the guys before practice started and then got a chance to watch practice as well as meet the rest as I see how things are ran and lend a helping word are two to things I seen that could maybe help. The first practice turned out good I felt good it seemed like they felt good to have me apart of their family. Now as a team our next big step was heading to camp. We were hosted by a team about 55km away from my area. The BK Thunderbirds , they had very nice facilities as well as a good team and coaching staff behind them. Our first day was more so going through practice together as one showing each other our different ways and styles of play and helping one another out, which I thought was a great way for us to meet and feel ok with each other in a way of words lol. My biggest shocker at camp was that I was going to really be used in a different role more than I thought lol which I have no problem with at all. It defiantly brought back some old memories from my CHS days lol. But camp with pretty good until the end …. It seems like stuff always go wrong at the end when your wrapping things up … smh I don’t wanna speak on it much cause I hate when a brother goes down and when its time behind it it really hits home because I know that feeling. But we lost a very very important piece of our pie. Get better Kev!!! . Last day of camp they got it feeling like a game day lol we warm up and getting ready to go and see what we got and what we need to work on. Both teams came out and put on a very good showing. We both had good plays as well as bad plays. We both seen things that need work, and I’m sure will be taking care of by both teams. Thanks BK!!! …… Days after that I find out our Z-Bow might not be calling the shots come the opening game which really hurt cause I would love to see him in action and hell maybe even get a few balls from him coach lol….. but yea I don’t know we’ll see how things go its game week and I’m sure the football powers will be flowing and working this week so hope you fell bet MZ we need you!!!!!!!!! STAY TUNED PPL MORE TO COME………..so we 3 weeks into the season …….and as i last mentioned our QB Mr.Zell aka z-bow was having problems with his throwing hand going into the first game. As the days got closer for us to head to Wetzlar things seemed to come around his hand was feeling better and we had our QB. As for me it was great having him back and as the starter. We came out strong from the jump and stayed on the gas i had the chance to play QB as well ..lmao sumthing i have not done since my days at Cahokia High. That was a pretty good feeling. Thanks to my boi Denny ,and Mo i came away with some passing yards as well as some on the ground along with a TD thanks to my O-Line !!!! all in all the first game we ended i think 54-12, at this point i think we might have opened a few eyes with this win. And heading into week 2 we looked to face rival Treir. Doing the week it was lots of talk about this game and what was going to happen …lol .. i understand that the stampers had just come off a big win vs Kassel a very strong team. That win had their heads in the clouds a bit i think and they got us a little fired up. Game day was great sunny hot nice group of fans, and everyone seemed to be in that zone. We jumped out again on top and never seemed to look back. We rocked on both sides of the ball. The D let the Stampers get in the Red zone twice the hole game but was able to hold. We had great o line and d line play and the skilled players yet again done their jobs. All of our backs crossed the G-line some kind of way Great job and thanks hogs. We kinda closed down shop this game with a 42-0 score ……..Things are off to a slow start for ya boi if i may say so but im happy to say we are 2-0 and workin hard each week to get better, thanks to my line ive been able to score each game. LOL dem damn zebras stole my first INT of the season but its kool im calling out all QB’s to put it in the air againt us lol… ill get them numbas up… but yea this game week 3 things so far are on track, we had a very good practice added some new things that could really work so yea ill get back we all yall soon and let cha know how thangs go down this weekend ..thanks for taking time to check us out!!!!!!!!!!!


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