Vikings,Rangers this Sunday…Can the Vikings move to 6-0????

On Sunday, the Vienna Vikings hit a 16 on the clock in Wiener Neudorf Mödling Rangers. The sign in front of the lot could not be more different. While the Vikings are still unbeaten after five games and have already defeated every opponent once, so far as the Rangers are not only without a victory, but without a point scored. This will change on Sunday when it goes to head coach of the host Matthias Weinberger, at least the first points to her to believe in more is probably due to the balance of power completely unrealistic.

On the other hand, the goal of the Vienna Vikings is obvious, “We want as quickly as possible, the 35 point mark (Editor’s note: In Austria and in the top division only scores evaluated by the difference of 35 points for the official table ) to reach and then use some back-ups, “said head coach Chris Calaycay. We respect every opponent, but on the way to the big goals this season the Rangers simply can not constitute a stumbling block. While in the game in Wiener Neudorf one weeks break is pending, will Calaycay conserve some regulars on Sunday. “The young players have to earn playing time, we will allow them too.” The last few games have tasted power and leave one way or another scar on the players. Since it is only natural that people will be handled carefully with the staff and the players get their chance in the second row. After all, the season for the Vikings will still go on as long as any possible.

During Sunday’s opponents are in front of head coach Mathias Weinberger for his Rangers a clear roadmap, “If we’re playing an opponent for the second time, we want to perform better than the first time” In the first game against the Vienna Vikings, the team of Mödling Rangers played better compared to the first two games, even if they had not at 0:55 against the Viennese the slightest chance. This small upward trend is now to be discontinued.


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