Cougars to battle Monarchs week 1 ….

Because that would be like if the “mountain lion” could actually make the Monarchs a leg. Dresden plays since 2003 in the GFL. They have established themselves as one of the top German teams are in the playoffs almost every year, “said Cougars head coach Mark Holtze The numbers speak for themselves: 2011. The Saxons had the best defense of Germany (16.9 points counter per game) and set the third best attack (28.9)

And that the “Royal” to score points, the Cougars had already experienced the first hand. It was 22 June preceding ten years: The Cougars were fresh in the second League had just risen and acclimatized as they were overtaken by a young, ambitious team from Saxony. By 0:63, the Cougars lost in front of 3,000 fans at the frenetic about Monarchs. The second biggest defeat in club history. Milton Theodosatos, the somewhat quirky American head coach of the Cougars in the 2002 season, brought it back then unequivocally to the point: “Dresden has today missed a real kick in the ass.

Sure that it’s later in the new edition does not reflect a decade, the Cougars have prepared meticulously. Cougars head Holtze. “The team has worked hard over the winter break, each player has in comparison to previous years, once again gained a lot more we are all anxious to see if that is enough..

For the Monarchs take on Saturday with some high-caliber in the Buniamshof. Most notably running back Larry Croom U.S., which has already played in the National Football League (NFL) at the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals. Croom was also stated in the last season for Dresden already on the hunt for points. Its yield: 13 touchdowns. Monarchs in the waiting-Defense Linebacker Lamar Myles, who managed in 2008 and 2009, was in the extended squad of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, Cougars on the attackers.

The Cougars have been to fight it on the opening day with injury problems. In addition to the line Backern Lucas Stadler and Christoph Adamczak is probably also running back Steffen Wöhlke.


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