This past weeks preseason games !!!!

Dresden Monarchs 51 As for the Dresden vs Nurnberg game i would’nt have seen it as such a one sided game. I had the Rams
Nürnberg Rams 0 putting up a much strong fight than 51-0. I not sure what went wrong are was not working right but the Rams are a much stronger team than what that score shows. And lets not mention that thats a top GFL team that they faced.

Hildesheim Invaders 34
Leipzig Lions 6

Hamburg Blue Devils 28
Osnabrück Tigers 8

Cottbus Crayfish 47
Frankfurt Red Cocks 14

Frankfurt Universe 13 Now i know the Bandits have made the jump to 1 but the Universe has added some very usefull GFL
Rhein-Neckar Bandits 32 talent as well as a few U.S Bois. Lots of talks about the Universe being GFL 1 ready this year is up in the air …lol but with the lost to the Bandits a new up and coming GFL 1 team that a lot of people dont see being a mid level team i just dont think they are GFL ready sorry if you see different. But i dont see the Universe being a very strong force in the GFL 2 south this year.

Berlin Rebels 24 Like a ton of others this score here took me by total shock !!!!!! all i can say is wow. I hope things
Marburg Mercenaries 6 pick up quick in Hessen, i know the Rebels are a strong team but the Mercenariers are known to be more than just strong. Lets see what the season brings.

Stuttgart Scorpions 51
Holzgerlingen Twister 0

Ingolstadt Dukes 7 As the saying goes the Knights went ALL IN this past weekend as they took it to the Dukes.The Dukes
Franken Knights 44 are a strong up and coming team in German football. They have a very strong team but from the looks of this just not strong as we all thought. I really thought the Dukes would win this game but hell dont even seem as if they put up a fight. But hey i guess its good some times to buy a wolf ticket and put on your own show when you get there lol good job Knights .. Know for the Knights a new team to the GFL 1 this year lead by C.T and JO.JO J. Dong get take it the wrong way this is a very good team they have showed that year in and year out.Being one of the strongest teams in the GFL2 south for years. But it will be very interesting to see how this season go as they eye the ring.

Düsseldorf Panther 17
Köln Falcons 2

Kirchdorf Wildcats 27
Starnberg Argonauts 14


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