Rebels take care of the Mercenaries,looking forward to the start of 2012 opener vs rival Adlers

The Berlin Rebels have completed their final test before the start of the GFL 2012 season successfully.
This took place against a backdrop of stately place of almost 800 spectators. The open day was a complete success.

By 24:06 (3:0 / 14:0 / 7:0 / 0:6) could be beaten in the Marburg Mercenaries Mommsenstadion.

This did not travel with all the regulars and were therefore not in a position to jeopardize the victory of Charlottenburg. The Berlin offered compared to the previous week, a much improved picture. In the very first drive of the capital city marched to the attack shortly before the end zone and scored in the person of Matt Evensen field goal by. The defense played like much already against Hamburg and Marburg attack gave the little room to operate. Consequently, they had to be separated after a failed fourth attempt by the ball. The strong aufspielende Darius Outlaw led his offense after the place and enforced, even with one of his runs for the intermediate 10:00 (PAT M. Evensen). After those two drives was replaced Darius Outlaw by Brian Amaral at the quarterback position. Just before the break were the Men in Black on the score 17:00 (PAT M. Evensen) develop, carry the ball as WR Kevin Hummel on a short pass from Brian Amaral was up in the end zone. This was also the half-time. After the break, the Rebels went ahead and increased pressure even at 24:00 of the tight end Brian Heimer Dirk Amaral operated by-pass in the endzone. A 55 yds field goal attempt missed Matt Evensen in the third quarter by only a few inches.

In the fourth quarter were able to Tom and Paul Bober Malysch nor your qualities as a quarterback to the test.
Shortly before the end came the Marburg favored by a missed snap in the endzone Rebels in possession of the ball.

You could put a short run through the last accent in the game. The two point conversion was stopped by the strong defense, however.
This was written at the end of the fourth Quaters 24:06 for the hosts.

The next match of the Berlin Rebels will be on 06.05.12 at 15.00 clock in Mommsen Stadium.
Opponents of the city’s then rival, the Berlin Adler.

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