Raiders hand Rangers a butt whoopin !!!!

Their fourth AFL game led the Rangers to the grain diameter Innsbruck Tivoli, and thus for the first rematch of the 2012 season. The first encounter early in the season the Raiders have won with 52:0 on native soil, the privateer lay still for a scoop and defeated the challenger from Mödling with 62:0.

It started for the Rangers not bad: The first drive of the Raiders could be stopped, then the Lower Austrians were indeed on their own two-yard line, could avoid the threat of safety, two False Start prevented, but the first first down of the guests . Can not be prevented were the first points for the hosts, Florian Grein ran first into the end zone. As WR Julian Flat Next to it was that was sent from QB Kyle Callahan with two long passes over the half court and behind the goal line. For the 21:0 before the break, after all John Clements provided with a 60 yards punt return. Until the break traditional cycles of Luke and Kyle Callahan Miribung personally as well as a field goal by Christian Kellner more points.

After the break changed little, the Raiders awake rotated their players used a backup and scored on. Striking while the performance of Luke Miribungs erlief two touchdowns and the third after a pass from backup QB Adrian Platzgummer achieved. The Rangers struggled to occasional first downs, only to take with false start and delay of game penalties the fruits of their labor – in the end they were again without points.

The summary of Raiders head coach Shuan Fatah speaks volumes for the game: “It was a good game and we won befitting … We could use a lot of young players, which was very important to me …” The Tyrolese are now four games unbeaten, top the table and were able to refuel for the top duel against the Vikings on Sunday confidence.

Fatah’s counterpart on the part of the Ranger, Matthias Weinberger said: “We have a tough week behind us, I am glad that the first four weeks of the season is over, we must be as fast as possible healthy…” and thus speaks to his team’s biggest problem, which to depart after two more injuries slowly but surely the players. Otherwise, there are quite partial successes to report, First Downs were more, Craig Maynard discovered his passing game and Zach McCaskill his second 100 + yard game in a row had – and that the two strongest Defenses against the country.

I sat and checked this game out for myself to see what the Rangers had for this season in the AFL. From what i laid eyes on they have a little work ahead. The Radiers prove to again be one of the best if not the best in the AFL this season. Even with out T.Wise from last year team J.Clem seems to be doing a good job as an all arounder. Cant wait to see the Raiders vs Vikings game. And as for the Rangers i wish you guys the best this season.


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