Panthers give Mercenaries a scare!!!!!!

The Premiership Footballer of the Dusseldorf Panthers lost the first real test match of the year with 27:31 (27:10) against the Marburg Mercenaries. Previously, the team with combined workouts with other teams for the upcoming season of the “German football league” (GFL) was prepared. Trainer James Jenkins had “won, of course dear, but otherwise the game was exactly what I had hoped for.” His team did against the first division shown in the southern group, to which she is capable of playing and that they could show the fans’ enthusiastic football. ” After the break, especially given the players their chance in the second row. Achieved before 772 spectators in the stadium at the Charles-street Estrus Crayton Hohmann, Niklas Romans (12 each) and Sven Missbach (3) the points for the Panthers.

The hosts offered in the first half actually over long distances Dream Football – correspondingly high and the guide was just before half time with 27:3. Playmaker Robert Demers threw in less than twelve minutes two touchdown passes on Estrus Crayton and Niklas Romans, while the defensive after a strong first turn of Mercenaries in the following three series of attack guests allowed just six yards of space in total profit. At their last possession in the second quarter the score indicated, but before their class. Based on the runs of the new American running backs Eddie Vachon led playmaker Joachim Ullrich Mercenaries across the field, a pass to Matthew Shepherd, the second new U.S. import in the attack, soldiers’, brought the first touchdown of the guests. Had eluded them in their first series of attacks yet, as the Panther defense had stopped the Hessians in five tries in succession just before the baseline.

After the break, the picture changed: The Panthers took the offensive in existence not much. And the guests, the only newcomer with Sonny Weishaupt (from Bundesliga rivals Wiesbaden Phantoms) brought international Ullrich for their second game makers sat down with durchspielendem permanent staff by more often. The Marburg were 117 seconds before the end of the first time in the lead and maintained it until the end of the game. “Our guys have to never give up until last purely hanged, I can not blame them, that it was not enough against the Mercenaries clever,” said Panthers coach Jenkins. His new system, however, seemed to dominate Demers and Co. but very good, so playfully, the hosts scored in the first half of their points. No wonder that the Panther head coach especially praised his playmaker and the pass receiver, “That did it out all right.” Special commendation paid tribute to Jenkins fullback Niklas horns and tight end Bjoern Roese, the new two, fourth-down ‘situation first fought attempts: “The bringing their enormous physical well on the square.”

Criticism Jenkins practiced but still: “The special teams, we had many problems, because we need to work urgently.” Where the responsible assistant coach David Lux, after half a dozen long kickoff and punt returns asked for understanding: “We have only . to practice starting this week, “annoyed was defensive backs coach Wolfgang Best:” It was not to lose necessary, because we work with the Marburg attack have just had the problems we’ve seen before coaches and addressed in the preparation. “But he also relies on the learning effect:” On the other hand, it is better that we make mistakes and learn from it now than when they happen in the season. ”

Düsseldorf Panther – Mercenaries 27:31 (7:0, 20:10, 0:7, 0:14)
Estrus Crayton 7-0 82-yard pass from Robert Demers, PAT Sven Missbach (played 9:29 minutes)
Romans 14:0 Niklas, 31-yard pass from Robert Demers, PAT Sven Missbach (13:21)
Romans 20:0 Niklas, 6-yard pass from Robert Demers, PAT pass (18:15)
20:3 Peter Mueller, 39-yard field goal (18:53)
Estrus Crayton 27:3, 49-yard pass from Robert Demers, PAT Sven Missbach (20:50)
27:10 Matthew Shepherd, 16-yard pass from Joachim Ullrich, PAT Peter Mueller (23:50)
27:17 Eddie Vachon, 8-yard run, PAT Peter Mueller (31:18)
27:24 Jonas Beckman, 8-yard pass from Sonny Weishaupt, PAT Peter Mueller (41:27)
27:31 Matthew Shepherd, 19-yard pass from Sony Weishaupt, PAT Peter Mueller (46:03)


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