Berlin,Hall und Braunschweig all in Europa play in 2012

Two German football clubs will be represented next year in the EFL competition. As the AFVD announced that the German masters from Schwäbisch Hall and the Euro Bowl runner-up in Berlin will compete in the top European competition, while the New York Lions from Brunswick EFAF Cup in the black, red and gold colors are represented.

Since 2011, the Eagles reached € Bowl finals, they are in the quarterfinals for the first time intervene in the events and benefit from the advantage of a set team. The capital city will be taken after the group stage, the winner of Group D, which La Courneuve Flash, London Blitz and the L’Hospitalet Pioneers belong. The Unicorn, the first time since 2005, when she played in EFAF Cup, European football again may breathe air must argue in Group C with the Spanish and the Parma Panthers Badalona Dracs from Italy to win the group. Should prevail in the Baden-Wuerttemberg, they would face in the quarterfinals at the Vienna Vikings. A theoretical German semi-final would be possible if Berlin and Schwäbisch Hall in the round of their opponents would defeat last night.

For a somewhat surprising move, the Lions have decided New York. You return back to the 2012 European football stage and will compete in the EFAF Cup in their group stage against the Triangle Razorbacks from Denmark and the Milano Seamen. In case of success and winning the group, the semi-finals awaits the winner of Group Amiens, Alphen and Basel.

We are proud that the AFVD with three clubs in Austria is the largest field of competitors. “Said President Robert Huber AFVD the starting field.” Overall, taking part in the two competitions teams from twelve countries. This once again demonstrated the enduring appeal of the competition. ”

The group classifications in 2012

European Football League (EFL)
Group A: Danube Dragons (Austria), Prague Panthers (Czech Republic) 

Group B: Calanda Broncos (Switzerland), Helsinki Wolverines (Finland) 

Group C: Schwäbisch Hall (Germany), Badalona (Spain), Parma (Italy)
Group D: La Courneuve Flash (France), London Blitz (UK), L’Hospitalet Pioners (Spain)

Quarter finals: 

Quarter Final 1: Raiders vs. Tyrol. Winner Group A 

Quarter-final 2: Graz Giants vs. Winner Group B 

Quarter-final 3: Vienna Vikings vs. Winner Group C 

Quarter-final 4: vs Berlin Adler. Winner Group D 

(The former clubhouse has rights in the quarter-finals


Semi-final 1: Winner quarter-final 1 vs. Winner Quarter Final 2
Semi-final 2: Winner QF 3 vs.. Winner Quarter Final 4 

Euro Bowl XXVI: Semifinal 1 vs. Winner. Winner Semi-final 2

EFAF Cup 2012 


Group A: Centaures Grenoble (France), Hohenems Blue Devils, Firebats Valencia (Spain)
Group B: Spartiates Amiens (France), Gladiator Basel (Switzerland), Eagles Alphen (Netherlands
Group C: Sollerod Gold Diggers (Denmark), Prague Blackhawks (Czech Republic), Giants Wroclaw (Poland)
Group D: Triangle Razorbacks (Denmark), Braunschweig Lions New York (Germany), Milan Seamen (Italy)

Semi-final 1: Winner Group A vs. Winner Group D 

Semi-final 2: Winner Group B vs. Winner Group C 

EFAF Cup Final: Winner Semi-final 1 vs Winner Semi-final 2


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