Coach Garza -N- the Players Corner ( Ljubljana Silverhawks)

Most of you in the European football world my know coach Mark Garza. But for the one’s that dont he’s a fall out on da ground die’n type of guy, likes to make things fun and like i said b4 funny. But as the 2012 season is upon us we had a chance here at JJS to chat a bit with coach. And yes we do let coaches get it in on da Players Corner 🙂
I wanted to Coach the 2012 season with Silverhawks behause they had the Same Direktion as my philosophy.On a typical tuesday we have Stänce and Start ,Team Stretch,indy,Group inside Run,7on7,Team where we are able to get at it a bit 8plays on 20,8plays on 50,8plays on 30,8plays Redzone,7 Plays 3yard line.As of what i think of youth Football, its the feeder program to the Senior Teams all over and has to be a Top Priority,I would generate to the community more by getting the Community involved, by selling the program as Patriot and loyal to your countrymen.What team will be our biggest comp in 2012? well we Take ever Team serious lol. My football Philosophy is easy Play fast Play Smart Play Hard!respect Our oppenents but fear nö One.i would Rather Take 50warriors up Stream to Fight a Battle then 500 $*** Heads!!!


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