Rams Eyeing the top spot in the GFL 2 South

The 28-year-old Gary Lautenschlager comes from the GFL team of the Munich Cowboys of the Nuremberg Rams and, together with Horst Lehner, the quarterback duo of Nuremberg Rams for GFL2 South.

Gary learned to play football at the Munich Cowboys in his youth and was nominated in the Bavarian Youth selection. His talent took him a short time later in the youth national team, he was with the 2002 Vice-European Champion. In 2003 he went with the Cowboys in the 2nd and 2004, first in the Bundesliga. In 2010 he was then appointed to the National Men’s and was elected to his first game against the Italian national team for MVP. In 2011, Gary was a member of Germany’s national squad at the World Championships in Austria. Here, Germany ranked 5th place and was the best European participants.

I think with adding these two players the Rams for sure have made some noise and opened some eyes. They already had big names from other big clubs. And to add the new HC in the mix leads to good things. Like it are not I have the Rams at the end in the top 2 teams looking to play GFL 1 in 2013!!!!!!Image


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