Alex Good to Lead the Adler in 2012

The coaches have left the Eagles with the search for a captain a lot of time and then decided on a perfect candidate: The 25-year-old Alex Good changes for the upcoming season for the six-time German champions. Alex brings an European experience with him to Berlin. His last stop was the Seinäjoki Crocodiles, which he narrowly missed last year the Finnish championship. The statistics are impressive: He fit in 12 games the ball for 1091 yards and 12Touchdowns, he ran 1,000 yards and was able to accommodate 17 times the ball into the end zone of the opponent. Eagle Head Coach Wanja Mueller about the signing: “Alex is just the QB, we have presented to us. It fits his character perfectly ago in the team. He represents the team at any time before everything else. This also explains the success in his college career. As a player, he fits right into our system, we looked for a mobile QB, even if all of the pass options have been exhausted, can be very dangerous. ”

Previously, Alex was playing for 3 years as a starter at Carson-Newman College (TN) in the NCAA Division II and presented at this time on three new school records. That earned him a candidate for the Harlon Hill Trophy one with the most valuable player of the season will be awarded. This award is comparable to the Heisman Trophy in NCAA Div.I. 28 wins in those three years are compared with eight defeats. He scored a total of 3081 running yards and 39 touchdowns and 4772 yards and 48 touchdowns through the air. In 2009 he led his team into the semifinals of the NCAA Division II championship in the

Alex is looking forward to Berlin, is also aware of what the team wants from him and expect the black / yellow supporters: “I am delighted to be part of the Berlin Adler in this year. I am willing to be the leader, which I on and off the playing field must be to help the team to success. It will be fun with the other guys on the pitch and we will do our best. GO EAGLE! ”

This is a good change for the Adlers at the QB spot! just from the 9 are so mins of flim ive seen he has a very strong arm and is well capable of throwing on the run, not to mention he has pretty good speed to go along with very quick feet.This guy can move with the ball.He also seems to know what he’s going to do with the ball in the blink of and eye. Nothing bad about the pass Adler QB but lets see if this was the right move.


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