Japanese team set to battle with a GFL North team

Robert Huber, president of the American Football Association Germany (AFVD), brought it to the point: “Dresden’s stadium is the perfect venue for the first encounter between a Japanese and a German Bundesliga squad Erstligamannschaft.

On 19 May 2012, decided the German-Japanese battle, power against speed. The OBIC Seagulls are a favorite for me. ”

Tsukasa Togashi, deputy general manager of the OBIC Seagulls holds, however: “The German players are superior to the Japanese Foot Shooting physically clear. Dresden also has an impressive squad. We look forward to this game accordingly. ”

It is worthwhile, therefore, at an early stage to order tickets to this premiere international football. As of today, from 15 clock, the sale starts on the side of the Dresden Monarchs (www.dresden-monarchs.de).

The link to the ticket exchange ETIX were already established. “In the first encounter between the Japanese and the German national team more than 11,000 spectators in the stadium in Düsseldorf were present. We are hoping to break that record, “said Monarchs General Manager Joerg Dressler wants.


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