Flash tops Centraures

In the end, but then again all the same. With the 45:27 win over Grenoble Centraures secured La Courneuve Flash for the sixth time in the past seven years the title of French Champion. It is the ninth title of Footballer of the Paris suburb of La Courneuve. So they have the Aix-en-Provence Argonauts replaced as the master record. The Argonauts have been able to win eight times the “Casque de Diamant”. The fact that the players and managers from La Courneuve in the end were happy about the championship, was also to RB Laurent Marceline, but scored the only touchdown, put his legs but the basis for success.

From the perspective of the French Federation FFFA was the day at the Stade Charléty a thoroughly successful event. Not only did the later runners from Grenoble had brought his final participation of fresh air to the championship, and the organization had come up with some FFFA to make the finals a successful football festival.

That the Centaures changes have occurred to the finals, was the great surprise of the season. Led by the French-Canadian QB Charles Antoine Sinotte, who also plays at McGill University in Montreal, where football and is used both as a playmaker as well as the position of the pass receiver, finished the regular season as a rising star in second. But not all players from Grenoble had the experience of Sinotte, they want to play in an important game against a larger backdrop.

Many of the actors Centaures was the respect for the seemingly all-powerful enemy from the capital should be noted. From the beginning, gave La Courneuve the pace. In particular, the physical superiority in the field line made from the first snap of felt. Could always find the necessary holes RB Laurent Marceline, La Courneuve set so that from the second drive on a varied mix of run and pass. No wonder that the favorite was able to pull away from the northern group of the first three offensive series at 21:0 and it was decided the final in principle. In principle.

Because the Footballer of Savoy showed that they were not fed for no reason up to the “Casque de Diamant”. The interaction between QB and WR Anthony Charles Antoine Sinotte Dable flipped once more and fought their way up the Centaures to the end zone of La Courneuve. WR Paul Braisaz Latille was then subject to write for his team’s history and the first touchdown for Grenoble in “Casque de Diamant” to achieve.

Who was now hoped that the work touchdown as a kind of liberation would be the same had to disabuse them. Because La Courneuve presented by return to the old distance of 21 points and was restored in the second half, thanks to their squad depth and physically dominant lines of the dominant team. While the D-Line from La Courneuve always caused a lot of pressure on QB Charles Antoine Sinotte, opened the O-line of the later master the holes for RB Laurent Marceline. He put his legs again, the basis for the La Courneuve scored 45 points to the end and was pleased about the ninth Masters title.


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