Hungarian American football’s MAFSZ Officiating Committee organized an international officiating clinic featuring Big Ten official Bill LeMonnier.

Gyula Udvardi, chairman of MAFSZ’s officiating committee explained: “As a new sport in Hungary, American Football is developing at a fast pace. In order to keep our officials prepared, we have to organize such an event and have to invite experienced colleagues from Europe or from the United States. That inspired me to invite Bill LeMonnier to Budapest.”

The clinic was held at the Hotel Griff and the facility was well prepared for the event and the staff were very helpful during the clinic. All visiting officials stayed in the same hotel during the weekend.

More than 75 officials attended the clinic from five different countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary. They received many interesting presentations and had an opportunity to share valuable videos, information and training material brought by LeMonnier. During the weekend, he made presentations about rules changes, philosophy, communication and analysed different videos used by Big Ten and ACC officials.

“I personally have been officiating since 1973 and working in the Big Ten since 1994,” explained LeMonnier. “I had 15 different Bowl game assignments, worked two world championships and I’m sure I can forward something about my experience. I’m really glad to be invited and will do my best to share all those knowledge.

“I can’t thank the federation here enough for the great experience to visit Budapest and see so many friends. My wife Barbara and I will remember this as one of our best experiences.”

Gyula Udvardi added: “All participants had an opportunity to share information, ask questions and use Bill LeMonnier’s experience outside the clinic hours. He was available and very helpful even in his spare time and was very dedicated to help us. We spent saturday evening together and went out for a dinner and were chatting about football.

“At the end of the weekend all guests had a lot of new information, had some new training materials and a lot of interesting stories about NCAA football. Next time we’d like to improve our clinic, invite more colleagues from more countries and make this event to a really european meeting for officials.

“I’m really proud that we were able to organize and host this meeting and I’m glad to hear those words from Bill.”


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