Hall’s 2012 EFL run kicks off with big name teams!!!

In French Veigy near Geneva on Saturday, the annual club meeting was held the European Fooballvereine, who qualified for the EFL round of the € Bowl next year. Including the TSG-football player from Schwäbisch Hall, who is played by winning the German league title 2011 in this circle. From Germany are also qualified to the Berlin Adler, who could win the last year Eruobowl-runner. The Kiel Baltic Hurricanes had a German runner is also an option to participate, but declined to do so.

Veigy were determined among other things, the pairings for the EFL round 2012th The regulations first before seeing preliminary round games in three groups. The group winners qualify for the quarter-finals where they will take on four teams set. These are the semi-finalists last year, so the eagle Berlin, Vienna Vikings (Vienna), the Swarco Raiders (Innsbruck) and the Graz Giants.

The Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns meet in Group C on 21 April in Barcelona, ​​Spain, on the Badalona DRACs. On 5 May it expected in the stadium Haller Hagenbach Parma Panthers in Italy. The game is played in the first round in the four groups in the mode every man for himself, but without the leg. If the Unicorns go as group winners from the preliminaries out, they occur on 26 or 27 May in Vienna.


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