Projected 2012 GFL SUD..

After a little time the AFVD Bureau and the Competition Commission AFVD have each unanimously agreed to allocate the free space in the Deutsch Football League 2 Group South the Nuremberg Rams.

The runner-up the 2011 season, the Southern Regional had applied as substitutes for 15.10.2011 for this place. The course was free, as the Plattling Blackhawks are just falling down after a great rise, but they had their licensing waived for GFL2.

It will play in the GFL 2 Group South in the 2012 season (subject to licensing):
Allgäu Comets (promoted from the Southern Regional)
Darmstadt Diamonds
Frankfurt Pirates
Frankfurt Universe (promoted from the regional center)
Holzgerlingen Twister
Kaiserslautern Pikes (promoted from the regional center)
Kirchdorf Wildcats
Nuremberg Rams (moved up from the Southern Regional)

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