Jamaal J. -N- the Players Corner(2011 short story)

Woke up bright and early to see my moms off to work , on the day I would be flying out, heading to Germany yet again. This year I had signed with one of the GFL 2 north top teams and was expecting to have a great season. I made it to the airport with all this in mind and was focused. I made it out of St.louis, Mo made a short stop in The D (313) before heading across the pond. The flight was pretty cool it was my first time flying with KLM airlines. It was a pretty packed flight but had great movies lol so it was all good for me. Landing in Amsterdam,NL I knew I was just a few hours from landing in Germany. But I ran into a very big problem, they didn’t trust my story to why I was coming into the country. Hmmm made me think … is it because I’m black and look ghetto?? So any way after giving this guy my passport and talking for a bit he decided to take me back to the police office for more questions. Their I sat for about an hour before any one had helped me. The finally I was approached by a female officer she took all the time to look up what I was saying, make calls for me as well as let me make a few calls myself. She was joined by two more very nice helping female officers that also done everything in they power to help. After spending a few hours in there and talking to a few people I had everything I need to go on with my flight, thanks to the help of one of my German sisters. I made it into Germany late that night where I was met not by a team mate are any staff member but the person that had to get things done to get me in was there waiting for me around midnight after making a 2 and a half hour drive and knowing we was heading right back on the autobahn. I truly wouldn’t be in Germany with out the help of my sis. But the crazy thing is why sitting in the police office back in Amsterdam I found out the team that I had signed to play with this season had some tax problems and had to file bankrupt , leaving me in the cold, lol funny I know rite. But I had and still have no hard filling I know things happen for a reason ,as well as how could I be made they still paid my flight and offered to help me . Moving on tho, for about I week I had no idea of what was going to happen . I was now on German soil but I was a free agent again looking for a team late in the year. Lucky knowing some very good people pays off. After a few days I had gotten a few calls from teams . I had also been to visit a team that a teammate and good friend was now playing for. He had talked to his coach and let him know that I was looking for a team. After coming back form Northern Germany and might I add meeting some very cool people and seeing the city I had a a weekend visit in Weinheim. I saw at that time a very good young team that was looking to fight and win games. After spending my second day with the team I had made the choice to signed. I was once again signed to be a Longhorn in 2011. With about 1 week left before the first game of the season I started practice with the guys and tried getting in the flow of things in very little time. We would be facing a team that would be playing its first year in the GFL. Game day was here it was the first game of the year for us all, and to top that off we was opening the season at home after the team 0-13 season last year. The game went like any normal first game of the season would go .. a few flags .. some mistakes but showing great fight in a back and forth game we ended up being the better team and getting the win. We all had the air filled with joy, love, happiness it was the teams first win in a year. We took that feeling into the next week where we was getting ready to face yet again a team playing its first GFL season. I had knew that the wildcats was a strong team but we didn’t really think they was as strong as they turned out to be. After stepping off a 7 hr bus ride it was time to get to work, it was a pretty hot day out the sun was shining bright the crowed had gotten pretty big by kick off and it was show time. This game like the past week game was just the same a very tight battle down to the end …we was up by a point are two before a late turnover in the 4th. After that all hope had been lost and we ended up taking a fall by 6 points. It was hard losing that and getting back on the bus for a 7hr ride but that’s what it was. We headed back home to gear up for the next week battle vs rival Mannhiem. There they would face former team mate and National player Danny Washington coached by former Longhorn Head Coach Marvin Washington. This would be the tell all game most thought , would the Longhorns put up a fight are lay down. Well I must say from the time D.Wash scored the first TD I felt we as a team shut down. We lost that game 53-0 I think .. so yea u make the call if u think im wrong. The week to follow I had lots of thoughts on how we would respond to losing like that at home the past week. Now we was in Mannheim front yard looking for a fight and that we did. The first quarter had many thinking this would be a fight to the end this time. Things was not going well for the Bandits like last weeks game and the longhorns seemed to have came to play. It was a hard fought game till around halftime and the Bandits ran away with it once again. Me myself now was looking forward to next weeks game vs the Darmstadt Diamonds. I had played this team the year before and had some friends on that team . But it was one big thing that had me thinking, I had went to the doc after 2 weeks of pain to find out my thumb had been broken from the first Mannheim game, and how would it hold up after going against the doc’s word and still playing. Well all in all it was a great day for football both team play a hell of a game up until after the half and it seem like my buddies in Blue would have the chance to smile in my face on that one. I felt pretty good though I ended up having 9 tackles and 1 int leading the team with a broken finger and playing with the ugliest cast on my hand lol but hell it helped. So now it’s the top of the week and we will face the Diamonds once again for the last time this season on Sunday. I’m really looking forward to this game we’ll be back at home and I know for sure that the team will be fired up and looking to win this one. Once again I plan on going into battle with this broken finger and taken care of bizz. Iron man QB Geno Waters is will be playing his second game with a broken finger on his throwing hand as well. I guess well see what happens …………………….Right now its game week for Banden 2. But lookin back at the Darmstadt match 2 game week felt good guys was havin fun and putting in work doin tha week leadin up. It would be yet again a game facing good friends Stephan, and Frank. I felt good about my finger going in, I was sure that wouldn’t be a problem , game got off kinda slow to me I made a tackle are two early on and it seem like any other ones game in gaps, AND NOT TO MENTION THAT I NOTICE HOW JUST ABOUT EVERY PLAY WENT AWAY FROM MY SIDE!!!!!! (LOL LET ME EAT). But after a pass are to that just missed being 6 each time I had kinda forgot to give help to the young corner and tryin to get back and help him I pulled up with a slight hammy pull and was out most of the 3rd all of the 4th …. So yea I was pissed about that not being able to be at battle with my boiz and also not being able to fight for the leading tackler slot LOL !!! (Gotta get dem numbers). But it was again a close game for us it was 26-20 late in the 4th when my guy G.Waters took off on a draw inside Darmstadt red zone and was hit from behind by Mr.Do it all 77 and the ball popped lose and that was pretty much it as Frank and the boiz got to end it with the Victory formation. …So far this week I’ve been taking it slow tryin to get my hammy right for the second game Vs Baden …….If u recalled we opened the season with this team and played a close game … they are the 7th ranked team in the league but they are coming off a very big high beating unbeaten 2nd place Mannheim so I know they will be looking to come out ,kick ass and take names later.. WoW so it was game time down in Baden teams are dressed and ready for war….. funny thing is they was really ready for war, a few players and coaches done a pre game walk over of the turf and found all kinds of broken glass and sharp objects on the field. We make the choice to go ahead and play after some cleaning of the field. It was a very very hard game for the Horns playing the team along with the Refs. Having a few TDs taking away we ended in a tie with the only team we had beaten. Now looking at next week game we would be facing the number 1 team in the GFL2 South. They came up to Weinheim with about 28 are so guys (very cocky) ….but they came down and pretty much done what they had to do. That was a very hard game to see out a watch but yea I was just a fan for this one. Coming out of the break we open up with the last place team Frankfurt Pirates. This is not a team to sleep on they have some very good players on both sides of the ball and if taken lightly they can surprise you. ………………………………………………………………………………………
Ok so we pick up on July 24th cold gloomy day out, we would be facing the Pirates who at the time had just made a few changes to the line up … they had a new and much better QB (Pearl). We knew nothing about this guy but he had played in Germany before. As with most games we kind of started out the blocks slow and gave them a chance to jump ahead and just that they did really giving us a whopping. I didn’t really the game that I thought I was going to have . I woke up that morning and got in vibe mode but it just didn’t carry over to the game how I wanted lol its cool though i had 6 unofficial tackles and 25 return yards off one return. Game 10 would be trip down south to the Knights of Franken , thee number 1 team in the south (GFLII) . Now after a very long bus ride we steps off to a very cold and rainy setting. I was pretty much in my on zone with this being my first game in Franken after 2 seasons. Was also missing 2 guys that we the team and I myself needed out on the war field . The game went as everyone thought we only had about 30 guys mostly younger guys . I tip my hat to them for getting up and coming to go to war that day. Over the next 3 weeks we would be facing the Twisters twice and the 2nd match vs Kirchdorf . The first game vs HT was at home on the back lawn due to field issues. That was a pretty fun game having the fans right next to you on the side line. At the time I think they was in 2nd place in the south and we wanted to show them we could play ball so don’t take us lightly. We played a very close game but just couldn’t pull it out at the end. The 2nd game down at the beach was a scorcher and im talking bout that heat coming up off that turf lol man oh man then don’t fall its like getting inside an oven and tryin to wiggle your way out lol u will def feel the burns lol . So the road to maybe stay up passed threw Frankfurt and that’s the road we was heading down …. We got to the stadium it was a nice day out calm got a chance to get dressed early and go out to walk the field whurr I met a few guys I know from the Pirates, we chopped it up a little bit before it was time. This was the best game I think we played as a team the whole season from the start of the game we jumped on them but at times let up a bit and that helped them stay in the game .. it came down to the end whurr I few calls in my book gave them the go ahead and ultimately the win . I finished up with 13 tackles my season game high I was really in my zone it was the last game and I wanted for people to know we can play ball. Which I think after that game people seen that we actually can play ball and have some good players. I would like to thank every one for taking time to read this, I’m planning a book at this time so hopefully I cant get that going soon. I would also like to take the time to thank the Longhorns Organization South and North, our great Longhorn Fans, and staff and I cant for get the team im pound to have been out on the field with all of you guys. I hope to suite with some of you guys again. There are also a lot of others I would love to thank lol its like a millions of yall but Angelia , Susanne with out u man oh man we know lol but thank u sooooo much !!! Coach Hap and every team that contacted me and gave me a look. Brain Tuck of all.. man i just dont know how to thank you for everything you have done all my success this pass season i think was because of you thanks for having my back and keepin me focused, as well as my boo boo Jen thanks bae. Well if I forgot anyone I’m truly sorry ….. lets now look forward to the 2012 season ….. Grind time LEGGOOOOOOO


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  1. I hope you all like the site like the posts that we provide. thanks for all that supports us!!!!!

    October 13, 2011 at 1:44 pm

  2. Ed

    Peace! U know ur boy ova here sending u all my energy and support. Keep up the Great work. Proud to b able to call u my friend. Love

    October 13, 2011 at 2:06 pm

  3. Bryan Tuck

    You know I would do anything I can for you Brother! Good luck next season.. I know it will all finally can together!!

    Tuck B

    October 14, 2011 at 1:50 am

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