Unicorns makes it past the Northern Canes …. in a close one

The German champions are Schwäbischh Hall Unicorns 2011th Before 11 711 Zuschuern in Magdeburg won the Unicorns Deutsch Bowl XXXII with 48:44. In a prior Ellem very exciting game in the last quarter with constant lead changes, Schwäbisch Hall had the last word. It was a touchdown run of the ultimately superior to Aaron Boehme decision one minute before closing. Previously, Haller had abgeluchst the Kiel already from the third quarter of the time-outs that were missing in the Baltic Hurricanes last drive. As a brilliant move also proved the decision of Schwäbisch Hall’s head coach Sieggfried Gehrke, increasing by a conversion to the points gap to four points. The first time it had still not worked out, the Hall then went back the next time their touchdowns on the whole. Without timeouts, after a block in the back, negating the long kickoff return of Michael Andrews, ended the final drive of the Baltic Hurricanes so with a 10-yard desperation pass into the end zone that was easy prey for the Secondary Haller. The cheers of some 1,000 traveling fans from the 40,000-inhabitant city of Schwäbisch Hall knew no bounds now. Kiel was little consolation as a new points record for Deutsch Bowl losers. 44 points had previously always been enough to win a German final.

Since, however, had not yet played in the GFL Aaron Boehme and he also stood for years in such a way prepared for this moment experienced coach and player are available as with the collective Unicorns. This allowed the halls throughout the night across a cheeky juxtaposition of bold decisions. Can turn things around in the expectation that it would Boehme in doubt at the end again, would you could afford to play after the onside kick 14:7, later to go on the conversion or almost constantly play off the fourth downs. Boehme was awarded at the end of course, as must Valubale Player of the Game.

Unicorns Head Coach Siegfried Gehrke, however, acknowledged at a press conference after the game that was based in part on the bold strategy also respect for the strengths of the Kiel and hide in some way so that also helped his own shortcomings. “We had respect for the keel, they are a well coached and strong team, certainly the strongest against which we had to play this year. 08-15-actions are insufficient to defeat it.” Kiel head coach Patrick ESUM commissioning the “blame” for the defeat on himself, which is to ask for such a dramatic slugfest, whether a debt question can be asked. “If they play three times this reverse pass successfully, we have talked before about the 220 times, then I have to admit that I have not made it as a coach good enough to set my team out. Schwäbisch Hall was just the worthy winners.”

At the end there were little things that decided, especially after the offensive shootout in last Viertl. Overall, both teams attacking each produced more than 500 yards, Schwäbisch Hall punts not once, only once keel. The Unicorns recovered two of its new First to Fourth Downs Downs, once they failed, and then immediately right, with one interception. And brought it all into one game, the Euro sports into his free TV program and had about € 2 worldwide sports broadcast – a godsend for the German football and the GFL, which showed itself from its most attractive side.

Already in the first minutes of the game in terms of tempo Deutsch Bowl XXXIII and the offensive fireworks had fully met expectations. Los laid the Unicorns as well so that the fire department and also as generally expected. A 24-yard pass to Felix burning and later a 20-yard run by Dusty Thornhill completed the first two offensive series with touchdowns. Meanwhile, Jeff had to pass Welsh offset by Philip Dohrendorf, after six minutes of the game it was so even 14:7 in Magdeburg.

That did not, however, the Unicorns. Apparently they had been issued before the currency game, not only as quickly as possible, but also to go as high as possible in the lead. So it followed an equally surprising how technically brilliant onside kick, the Kiel completely by surprise. For now, however, the Unicorns, it was no longer quite so high in pace towards endzone, and just about had the Kiel Goal Line Defense her first big appearance. Not only that, Rick Baunack managed something that had the GFL in 2011, only one had been reached, he intercepted a pass from Aaron Boehme, the first of two interceptions Boehme in the first half.

However, the Kiel were now themselves away from their own end zone at first, but this made little so far, because on the side of the Unicorns were increasing signs of nervousness now. Sure, they came into the Red Zone of the keel, but again it was the fourth attempt with a crowbar to work. Walk This overlooked Boehme even the opportunity to work with Sprint recently even the first down.

Kiel took over deep in their own half and released, this time with confidence. A breakaway run by Michael Andrew and a long pass allowed the Hurricanes quickly übebrücken the field, and the other Aaron began on the field, to set the scene. Love scored the 14:14 on a pass from Welsh. The Unicorns beat back about Dusty Thornill, but then awarded the extra point was blocked by the hurricanes. Kiel’s last offensive series was overshadowed by a serious breach of Crljenkovic Benjamin, who was treated for several minutes on the field before he could be removed from the lawn. Kiel put away the low blow and scored again for the third time Duch Love the balance. Even here, however, failed the PAT kick and went to the left.

Schwäbisch Hall had a few seconds before half-time is not enough and wanted to attack once again einml. But Lansana Teuber intercepted the next weak thrown Boeme Pass, and some did so at the end of the Haller been lucky that they Kieler not yet abjagten the lead because a last, not ultimately successful attack attempt, they had the Kiel on this as yet been granted.

The third quarter was finally the short period in which the defense could stop the opponent’s attack lines temporarily at bay. For the first time the defending champions took the lead through the third touchdown catch by Aaron Love. Kiel seemed able to take over control of the game, also brought something more outs with his calm, not only in their own, but the entire game. There seemed to be the key to success Kiel can be the wild Abtausch of more big plays in a “normal” football game to convert.

After the last one built the page change leadership so also by more conventional field goal on four points. Thereafter, however, the touchdowns were in the two-minute intervals like ripe fruit: Felix Brenner on 36-yard pass from Dusty Thornhill brought back the Unicorns forward who wanted to immediately reloading with a conversion after a penalty but then by PAT kick in – for now – with the achievement of the three-point lead begnügten.Timo big hit by return mail back to Kiel to 55-yard pass, even before the half was played in the last quarter.

That would not extend this far, was now well past the spectators become clear. Again just two minutes later, Justin Joslin Boehme served for 36 yards to the next Haller touchdown, this time the conversion took Boehme to 41:37. With his fourth touchdown Aaron Love awoke again the Kiel hopes, but were still three minutes to play. Boehme once drove his men on the field and ran one in triumph before the rated tenders in ecstasy Schwäbisch Hall fan block to 48:44 in the end zone.

56 seconds remained Kiel for the final assault. Michael Andrews would be snug-fitting kickoff return down to the Hall now not by the Illegal Block in the Back was denied (or would he be able to fail without this action as long) – Kiel would have been the right time before the end zone Haller. It is hardly conceivable that the Kiel have succeeded despite the lack of time-outs do not even think about the next touchdown, so was their offense on this day the defense. But as they started from their own 29-yard line, had to frequently stop the game time by spiking the ball and attempt a task. 62 yards is managed well indeed – but then had the last attempt of the play without right Koodiantionsmöglichkeiten own attack. The ball was still quite accurate in the end zone, but the Hall had no trouble to slap the ball to the ground and then add their deserved cheers storms.


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