Jamaal J -N- Da Players Corner


Hey hows it going everybody hope the day’s have been pleasant for you all. Well well it’s so so much I would love to chat with you all about but I don’t think I will be able to get it all out in this post lol just don’t have the time. Well one thing that’s been in my thinking chamber is really how many teams will move up from the GFL 2 to GFL yea we all know the boiz down in Franken is in hands down but its been so much dis and dat about who gets the 2nd spot in the liga well i guess we will have to see but its crazy and wait why we on crazy talk lol a guy of a guy who’s friends with a guy that’s a friend of mine got some news that some players Me of course im speaking on are seen to be to good to play 3rd league ball. Well i would like to be the first player to come out and post my feelings on that. I like the fact that you would think im 2 good to play some where but that’s not the case in my eyes. American Football is a competitive sport its about being the better team winning games. At least that’s what ive been told and that’s whats been instilled in my brain. But really think about this and before i say this this is for the teams and programs thats about building and moving up not down are staying in a safe spot to WIN GAMES as some do =) . But think if your a 3rd liga team that has the resources to bring in any import are 2 so called good are bad why would you not if your whole outlook is to build and move up as a team. Saying a player is to good to play this level is saying a lot of unspoken words to some and thats not a good look. And on top of all that any way lets look at the guys thats in the Service that plays down in these farm ligas hell even the german guys, its some very good players in these ligas ..lol i even know of a few GFL,and GFL2 guys thats playing 4th and 5th liga ball and the teams are heading up. LMAO i dont see any body saying oh come on they are to good to play in that liga. Well ill tell you right now if things are right with any team any liga and they offer ya boi .. im thurr (in my e.stl voice) lol so sorry if we may run into each other. German bowl is like a week away all green German bowl should be a nice site lol its so damn good to see a south team in thurr hope you can bring it home …. should have been coming to them hessen monsters tho =) … well I have lots of other topics i will def be talking about in due time … Oh and i was informed that we will be having a GFL All Start team that post will be out soon i guess. Well im out for a bit hope you all have some input on this and post it lol ….take care god bless.


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