2011 German Bowl Set !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(1 FC Magdeburg stadium and sports market) in less than two weeks, the long-awaited grand finale rises by the German American football championship for the first time in the state capital Magdeburg. With the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes and the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns are now the two finalists for the 33rd German Bowl, 8 October 2011 in the MDCC-Arena Magdeburg fixed. Both teams already crystallized as north and Südmeister after the regular season and sat out as a favorite in the following playoff games at home by each sovereign. With the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes reigning German champion meets the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, which stand for the first time in their club’s history in the Bowl Deutsch, another in Magdeburg in the last game of the GFL-2011 season.

The two-Offense ranks this past season promises an exciting final in the state capital Magdeburg. Already from 15:00 clock to MDCC-Arena welcomes its guests with an attractive program, merchandising, sales, games, and American food stalls and live performances from different bands to conform to the following grand final. The Hermes House Band as one of the highlights and the Skystone and Stayded with a colorful mix of diverse musical styles. The Sax’nAnhalt Orchestra and a presentation of Best of Musicals round out the varied American football Saturday.

A strong team of presenters, e.g. present announcer legend Stefan Bubenheim, American sports fan Stefan Kretzschmar and Warren Green, “The English-Man” radioSAW of media in the evening, the audience in the MDCC-Arena Magdeburg through the program. From 17:00 clock rises in the infield of the stadium, the countdown to the meeting of the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes and Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns.

Already on Thursday in Magdeburg can make a first impression of the two finalists. The Allee-Center Magdeburg arise from 16:00 clock representatives of the two finalists in front of the host city and the guests loved it in the popular shopping center in the heart of the capital for their sport. Moderator Warren Green and Stefan Kretzschmar lead here for the program and agree to the Deutsch Bowl in 2011.

Tickets can currently be purchased at the ticket sales to the official website http://www.xxxiii.de. About the online service “print @ home” the cards at prices between € 5.00 and € 30.00 can be conveniently ordered from home. Furthermore, they offer the popular voice service center in Magdeburg and the surrounding area and ticket service in the Rötgerstraße 9 in Magdeburg tickets for the 33rd German Bowl pre-selling. The beaver-ticket hotline call 0180 5 / 12 13 10 (0,14 € / min from a landline, mobile max. 0,42 € / min), accessible, available for questions or comments to the ticket service in 0391 / 9901326 and by mail at info@xxxiii.de available.

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