Mercenaries outed in 1st round by Panthers …….

Thanks,” said Panthers head coach Martin Hanselmann his team in the final huddle, “Thank you, that you responded to the coaches, thank you, that you have everything implemented so successfully.” The big cats, tamer was after the crime in the contemplative George -Gassmann-Stadion soaking wet – on the one hand sweating from the excitement, on the other hand, soaked to the obligatory Gatorade shower final whistle. “We have done a great two weeks in preparation for this game and the team has implemented a team what we had planned.”

From the beginning of the fourth first duel against the mercenaries had ever expected to close fight developed. The first series of both teams ended with a punt in each case, the Düsseldorf even without a first down. In the second Drive marched the host, mainly thanks to the U.S. runs from running back Joe Clark up in the end zone. But then scored the touchdown on pass from Tightend Bastian Nau national team quarterback Joachim Ullrich shortly after the start of the second quarter.

But the Panthers struck back promptly. A beautiful 28-yard pass from Robert Demers Yannick Baumgärtner crowned on the drive, in which short passes repeatedly broken up by runs of Steve Cole’s been. In their third offensive series, the home side came before the pitiful crowd of just 500 spectators, including 100 Panther loyalists, until shortly before the Düsseldorf end zone, but have been driven by two courageous tackles stopped by David Wallen. “We had prepared various flash packages, and they have always brought out the rhythm. Peter Mueller put the Marburg but by field goal to break leadership.

After the break, which was by then already strong Düsseldorf Defense dominant simple: until four minutes before the end of the guests were the only one first down, mercenary ‘. “I’ve sat outside and wondered what you can do more to crack this defense, I remembered nothing,” admitted one Marburg national team quarterback Joachim Ulrich after his helplessness. The strong coverage rose and Marvin Philip Kalisch heck out yet, after the liner just like the Defense of Peter Mayer and Pascal received a special commendation Hohenberg still the Head Coach.

In contrast, the attack did continue quite difficult. Only with the first turn of the final quarter brought the proven duo of quarterback Robert Demers and pass receiver Niklas Romans in the Dusseldorf guide. Marburg was stopped again, again seemingly unstoppable march towards the Rhine countries endzone. Then it was dramatic: Robert Demers was tackled 15 yards from the goal line Marburger hard, lost the ball, which the hosts won back, 224 seconds before the final. But Dee did ‘: Only one came running back through the Mercenaries Patrick Trumpfheller still great room for profit, but a foul (chop block) against Panther Peter Mayer destroyed the action. 95 seconds before the end of the Panthers had the ball, they issued no more time – win.


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