Jets take down Blue Devils

The GFL 2-encounter of Troisdorf Jets and HSV Hamburg Blue Devils should be a memorable farewell match for the retiring head coach Eric Troisdorfer groats Bach. In a true heart-stopping finale, the Jets won with 19:16 and bestowed on her and her coach to win the last game of the season.

The prelude to the game made Troisdorf Mayor Klaus-Werner Jablonski, who took over the coin toss before the game and grits Eric Bach for 21 years as head coach of the Jets honored Troisdorf. The teams were in the first quarter, however rather tired on the road. For the entertainment was so for now the many of the Jets cheerleaders, the Blue Devils and the Cologne Cheerdance.

In the second quarter, the defense of the Jets game was the first time that they would not make it to the guests that night easily. Also, the offense put of the Troisdorf now to a tooth and generated by a field goal from kicker Mark Stroh, the first score to 3:0. As the unbeaten league leaders Hamburg reacted nervously and kept the Jets defense continues to prevail. With a touchdown drive just 80 yards on the Jets also bolted to the astonishment of many and vociferous Accompanying Hamburg fans the score up to 10-0. Tight End Gerrit Deterding caught a pass from quarterback Tony Moore (PAT straw).

After half time a completely different picture on the box. While the Jets offense was visibly nervous now, the guests turned on properly. A failed snap the Jets gave the Blue Devils, who were allowed to celebrate a week early before the championship and the direct promotion to the GFL in good field position in possession of the ball. The wide-awake of the Jets defense had only a field goal to (Hündur, 10:3).

Right after Tony Moore threw a long pass attempt, the first of two interceptions that night. But the Jets defense held and rewarded with a safety by Barry Thomas (12:3). The Hamburg but had now tasted blood and exploited the weakness of the Jets offense. After another interception by Moore managed the Elbstädtern also the first touchdown (Schulz, 12:10). And that’s not enough. Cheered on by their loyal fans left the guests in just under two minutes remaining time even in the lead after the Jets offense continued haplessly acted (McCants, 12:16). The subsequent two-point conversion failed to stop the Jets defense, led by the strong playing defense end Peter Gladbach.

There followed a final phase, in which no one had thought Aggerstadion on the seats. With quick passes and highly focused pushed the offense to quarterback Tony Moore yard for yard down the field. Well protected by his offensive line, he then attended the rally for the evening. Wide receiver Mario Schmitz caught a pass straight arrow artistically in the Hamburg end zone for a touchdown and the cheers of the Jets fans knew no bounds (19:16, Schmitz PAT).

But the game was not over. 30 seconds standing still for HSV Hamburg Blue Devils on the scoreboard, their strong offense is always good for a quick touchdown. The Jets defense stopped but the last pass attempt of the blue, which allowed for no less than one second remaining time to run.

Thorsten Schulz, submitted by the Federation then the Blue Devils to the Cup for the championship title in the GFL 2 North 2011th But even with the Jets, there were gifts: Head coach Eric groats Bach was formally adopted by his longtime colleagues on the Board Heinz Sauer and Dagmar and Kurt Bock, the underscore after eleven years as a coach of the Jets-Seniors unfortunately the sails, were honored with thunderous applause .

Were allowed to complete the team, the cheerleaders and many fans in the stadium, including nearly 40 former players and coaches of Troisdorf, looking forward to a nice fireworks display. The Jets now have time to recover from the strenuous season, before then by November to prepare for the 2012 season begins.


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