Cardinals go out with a fight !!!!

In their last game, the GFL Assindia Cardinals are shown at their best and have the top team in GFL Mönchengladbach Mavericks offered not only stand up, but lay in places with 21 points in the lead.

But once arrived, the game went with one-hour delay to the start, the Mavericks were the jersey with the wrong set. Replacement was needed. It was called around a lot and at the Dortmund Giants were the bulls find. This put their red kit is available at 15:50 of the clock then arrived at the stadium at hello.

The hosts, spurred by your U.S. playmaker Ben Sarver laid off as the fire department, with proper momentum after winning last week in Dusseldorf. Sarver served until his pass receiver Louis Lee and once he fueled himself into the end zone of the Mavericks. The bulls scorts only once by John McCardle. The ensuing kickoff 94 yards was Louis Lee then over the entire field for a touchdown. By 21:07 the first time they changed sides. In the second quarter it was once Louis Lee, who scored the next touchdown and scored the surprisingly clear at half-time of 28:07.

The second half but the game should be in a different direction can be tilted. The Mavericks already achieved at the beginning of the third section a touchdown through Marius Helmedag, which was set by Fabian Schorn beautifully staged. But the Essenes responded to this score with another touchdown, again by Louis Lee. The final leg started with a 35:14 residue from the perspective of the bulls. Then the hour struck by Mavericks top running back John McCardle. To go with three touchdowns in a row and a failed attempt by two points joined the Mavericks on to 35:34.

The audience on both sides fired at the team now because they are now all support gratefully accepted. First, the home side laid by their playmaker Ben Sarver again for a touchdown lead before 42:34. And then the Mavericks traveled listed again by Fabian Schorn over the field. And as the Mavericks with 2 seconds on the game clock one last daring attempt to place the egg into the end zone failed Essen, the Cardinals already celebrating the victory.

But the referee saw a foul on the part of the Essenes (Roughing the passer) and thus were given the Mavericks a chance for one last turn in the discontinued period. The tension was obvious to all. And then Fabian Schorn found with Dimitri Ott, a grateful pass receiver for the 42:40 connection touchdown. The attempt by two points going to succeed. John McCardle fueled by the Essenes left over defense and landed with a beautiful dive into the end zone in Essen. 42:42 The incredible draw.

Mavericks Sports Director Maroan Wahab, said after the game “We have missed the first half, because a lot went wrong today, from the jerseys until half-time of 28:07. But then our team back into the game. Fabian Schorn has today made a big play. Now we must prepare for the match against Stuttgart Scorpions. ”

Mavericks offensive coordinator Martin Tschurer stated after the game: “We have now seen what kind of potential in the team. We have not be thrown off from the residue. And not by outside influences. The team has fought his way back into the game strong as a bear and it showed a great performance. ”

Although the Cardinals have against the vice-champion of the Northern Group earned a draw and won, the disappointment was big and at first it felt like a defeat to draw.

“Of course we are disappointed, if we take 99% of the season and then can enter but not a victory. But the team has already shown in Düsseldorf, what it does. Great fight and played great. The audience was and is thrilled at the idea in today’s day and was such a great atmosphere in the stands there last uphill game three years ago, “says Cardinals president Wilfried Ziegler and said:” It was advertising for the football and the Cardinals . Claim despite the many defeats and with so much pride and morale to finish the season, shows the great character that is in the team and the coach crew. Especially in the two derbies to present themselves as strong, at least gives some of the disappointments of the season and we forget very hopeful about the future. “


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