Canes prove to be to strong for the Mercenaries…….

The second trip of the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes to Lübeck to Confima Field next to the A1 motorway has been worthwhile for the German champions. By 31:10 the Marburg Mercenaries were defeated. The most successful scorer with 19 points of the day was Julian Dohrendorf.

The promotion started with townspeople were some tactical changes in the game. It was used flexibly among others, Michael Andrew, both as a running back as a receiver, which justified the trust placed in him and right in the first quarter. A 67-yard run was the first time in Kiel will lead, while Marburg secured only a few shares for the game. The first first down, the mercenaries conquered in the seventh minute of the first Quarter. Before rolling, but once the wave of the North German attack on the artificial turf. Kiel’s offensive line was compared with the first leg in Marburg greatly improved and protected their playmaker model, which in turn were given ample time to purposefully throw their passports. This benefited all in the second quarter of the ex-Lübeck Dohrendorf Julian, whose 38 yards Catch the preliminary decision to 21:0 just before the break brought. Remarkably, there was also that the receiver came from the pass unhindered catch. Within 15 to 20 yards, there was no Mercenaries pass defender who could even remotely be able to intervene. So there was before the break, only a meager yield a successful field-goal attempt by Peter Miller for 21 yards, the distance just before the break to promoting the town a little shorter. These come first and the only way to Marburg, in the vicinity of the Kiel end zone, but also had the first touchdown of the guests can lead. In two moves bridged the guests about 42 yards and RB Patrick Trumpfheller came up 20 yards in front of the line of Kiel. Bad passes by QB Jan Ulrich again prevented a first down, touchdown or a crystal-clear chance. Should be a minute before half received as a kicker Julian Dohrendorf the ability to restore old point gap, but the egg has been kicked to the far right of the goal poles, so that it remained at 21:3 stagnant.

The Kiel hurricane was excreting appreciably weaken after a pause, as Efe Ewaraye, Derrick Ford and Hemaseh Heidary injured and Marburg Star Running Back Joe Clark also tried to walk into the Red Zone of Kiel penetrate. But before Julian Dohrendorf sat again a highlight, as this more than 43 yards and once again benefited from the unguarded goal accuracy of a Jeff Welsh. In the ensuing drive, finally, the offensive efforts of Hesse have been rewarded. Joachim Ullrich Ryan Bass served with a 15-yard pass for touchdown connection 28:10.
The rest of the story can be told quickly, as the highlights of the remaining minutes of the game only sparsely occurred: “Both defense ranks the enemy held in check and stopped the particular offense, which played off the fourth attempt to reach a new first down. After two quarterback sack by Hajo Kortmann and Leroy Kelly, the Hurricanes came when the next attack Mercenaries quickly even in ball possession. To go on the third attempt and added nine yards, was quarterback Oliver Schlüter, who had now taken over the reins from Jeff Welsh, Julian Dohrendorf the new first down. Soon after it was running back Julian Ampaw, who ran the fourth attempt on 15 and 13 yards for first down again. Dohrendorf graduated this last attack, the Hurricanes finally off with a 42-yard field goal for 31:10 Final, “said spokeswoman Bettina Büll Canes with exhaustive.


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