I know that im a bit behind but the season is in the books. We finished up our last game with a L but in my eyes that was the best game we played as a team all season. If you look at the record the first thing comes to mind is that the Longhorns sucks. Well let me tell u this, this is one very young and upcoming team this team has once been at the top (GFL) but like every business they had they ups and downs and with the downs a few things that they had in place was gone. From there was the rebuilding stage and so far the team is still there. This has been a very very fun season for me. I’ve met some very great guys that im now glad to call my friends. (stay in touch fellas). Anyways this last game to most was a game of last place teams fighting to see who will stay in GFL2 are who falls to no man’s land. Well it felt much more like a championship game to me, going into the last game of the season knowing that all kinds of things are on the line knowing that only one of you will be able to call yourself a GFL team in 2012, knowing that sponsorship is on the line are even have a better chance at gaining more sponsors. If that aint a big game I don’t know what is lol … but touching down in Frankfurt felt so good thats like my fav city next to Marburg of course lol .. but getting there talkin to a few guys I know from the other team had the mood set. The game was very intense from the start. This was not the same Longhorns team they had faced weeks back. It seemed as if nothing was going the way the Pirates wanted but hey they ended up getting a few breaks from the zebras and pulled the game out … all in all was a damn good game. I was proud to walk off the turf in my White and Navy with my head high and a smile on my face .. we went out as a team and played 4qts as a team… Pound of you guys !!!! well i would like to thank everyone for all the help and support friends family and hattas =). Valen Danke to the Longhorn staff for taking a look at me meeting me and taking me in as a part of the Darkside family. I hope to see you guys again maybe even play with some of you again i would love that but hey keep the heart and keep fighting. To the fans of the Longhorns thanks for all the support you gave the team it was well needed and help very much knowing that even though things was not as good as planed and the wins wasnt rolling in you all still had our backs !!!!!!!!! lol well I don’t wanna write a book well at least not yet anyways lol but again thanks to every one for everything god bless you all. (DONT BE TO GOOD TO COMMENT ARE HIT THE GUESTBOOK DANG !!!!! ) LOL CIAO


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