Knights GFL 2 South Champs !!!!!!!

A concentrated from start to finish, team effort was necessary in order to celebrate the victory at the end. In the sweltering heat of Mannheim Mike Winbush marked the first points in the game after he could not catch a pass from Cedric Townsend in the end zone. But the Bandits were always extremely dangerous and could cross over the whole game just by their running game the field. Samuel Shannon with an 8-yard run scored the interim compensation. But post turning it back and forth, Joseph Joyner caught a 11 yard pass for a touchdown and then there was the quarterback of the Knights themselves, who rose with a 5-yard run on 21:7. Before the break came on the bandits at 14:21 by Andrew Nowak and her quarterback John Mannsee approach brought his team with a 11 yard run in the third quarter to play 20:21. The extra point was after that touchdown pass to the goal posts.

Only in the last section game, the Knights were able to score again, Townsend again with a short run into the end zone and it was 28:20 for the Rothenburger. Were still about 6 minutes to play when the Bandits were able to bring a Trickspielzug the next points on the scoreboard. Sven Simon Hammer served building with a 30 yard pass into the end zone and suddenly it was back 26:28. The home side went the whole hog and tried the two-point conversion, but the vigilant defense of the Franks thwarted this attempt is successful.

Was now on the side of the Knights have played very tactically, mostly by running game was moving the ball and put a lot of time on the clock. Finally, it was Alexander Mohr with an outstanding 20 yard run into the end zone of the bandits, wiping kicker Christian Goll also turned his fifth extra point of the game safely and thus marked the Final 35:26. But still had two minutes to play and the Mannheimer came dangerously behind in half of the knights. Finally, the knights but grew beyond itself, the Electoral stopped in the fourth attempt, and then there was no stopping it. One last time the offense was the winning coach James Jenkins, Daniel Thomas Cook and stuff from kneeling on the field, the time ran out and what followed after that is difficult to describe with words. Everyone was in the arms, fans and players celebrated, cried and rejoiced over the achievements.

The very next Saturday to stand against both teams again, this time followed by the return match in Rothenburg, where it then for Mannheim’s all or nothing. Excitement is also provided again.


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